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Philippe – Chief Operating Officer

Aloha! I’m Philippe and I handle all of Sea Maui’s marketing, social media, website design, and activites. I worked in radio for many years back in my hometown of Detroit and also here in Hawaii. In need of a change, I began working on Waikiki beach catamarans years ago. Throughout the years I’ve learned a TON about the business and operations of tour boats and I’ve been blessed with the opportuinty to put that to good use here at Sea Maui with all of my friends. I’m passionate about marketing and promotions and even though I LOVED sailing and crewing on the boats, I think my true calling has always been to help run the business and help create a great brand that we can all be proud of. I enjoy graphic arts, web design, and photography which all comes in handy with my role here at Sea Maui. Please follow us on Instagram! and like us on Facebook! and if you’re ever back at home, browsing through our posts and pictures say hi! I love interacting with our guests before and after they join us on the boat. It’s so rewarding to hear the awesome feedback people share and I can’t thank everyone enough for being so supportive of Sea Maui since day one. We’ve met so many great people and families even in just the last 2 years and many of them keep in touch. If you ever have a suggestion, comment, issue with this website or even just need a hand booking you can always reach out to me. My info is below. Mahalo for you’re interest in Sea Maui and thanks for visiting Seamaui.com!


Philippe Le Blanc


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