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A Night to Remember with the Best Maui Dinner Cruise

a boat that is floating in the water

Hawaii is a perfect place to have a good vacation and collect lasting memories worth remembering. Many beaches and scenic views enhance the lively and cultural ambiance. Thus, many touring cruises offer high-quality dinner options like Sea Maui.

We offer a wide variety of cruising services, each matching different personal tastes, budgets, and preferences for tourists seeking the most unique and active experience they wish.

a boat that is floating in the water

Here is how Sea Maui fits your search for the best Maui dinner cruise.

Private Charters with Special Sunset Services

Indulging a wonderfully-prepared dinner while observing the scene of the sun setting is a satisfying experience for tourists and locals. It gives such a lively feeling to experience the full view of the setting sun while dining on a fine dish.

At Sea Maui, we offer private charters for special occasions and three different sunset charter cruising services that give different experiences for your vacation and dining experience.

So enjoy good food and drinks in front of natural and majestic sceneries because these are private charters worth your time and money. That said, you have no worries about possible intrusion and disturbance from other people and fear of having your picture-perfect moment ruined by photobombers.

Premium Sunset Cruise with Dinner Tour

Experience Sea Maui’s Premium dining and sailing experience with our offered premium cruise. Enjoy a fine dining and touring experience all about the stunning newly renovated Sea Maui III. And get the best majestic views, indulge in handcrafted drinks, and dine in high-quality crafted delicacies.

Original Sunset Cocktail Cruise

If you want a classic preference, consider sailing with Sea Maui’s original cruise. You get to enjoy picturesque views and capture the stunning scenery of Maui and its islands. In addition, you get to enjoy handcrafted cocktails and light meals at the side.

Sunset Live Music Cruise

A lively dinner with music playing in the background for that cinematic effect is something to look forward to. Experience this with Sea Maui’s live music cruising service as you explore the beauty of Maui with live local musicians playing along. 

So enjoy a complete sunset touring experience with this cruise and have additional experiences such as whale watching.

Exclusive Catering and Bar Services

Our Dinner options range depending on what type of cruise you are considering. But make no mistake, these dishes are all made with perfect-quality ingredients to match those looking for a side of fine dining experiences.

By request, we also provide specific wines, liquor, and domestic and local beers. Our staff is also professional when it comes to crafting hand-made quality cocktails. 

As part of safety compliance, we only provide this service to individuals aged 21 and above. If you want to have this service within your booking plans, official identification also confirms your legal age.

Book your Private Charter now with Sea Maui!

Feel free to get in touch with us today to book your private charter. We are also delighted to answer all your questions and concerns as we want to experience the best of Sea Maui from us.