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At Sea Maui we like to do things just a little different than the rest. For starters, we’re more like your extended family or new best friends once you’re on board. You’re here to have a good time, learn about the ocean, Maui, whales (seasonal) and all that good stuff. We’re not operated by the corporate suits, we’re a team of like minded, fun going, salty sailors that absolutely love our jobs and all the cool people we get to meet! When you come on a trip with us we promise to do everything in our power to make sure you have the time of your life out on the water. We are addicted to watching people have a good time! Also, as you may have seen, most of our sails come with food and when we started Sea Maui we set out to find the best food in Ka’anapali. With a little persuasion we got lucky and landed the incredible Executive Chef Joey Macadangdang who has 20+ years with Roys International and now Joey’s Kitchen in Whaler’s Village and Napili! Chef Joey has worked out an amazing food program for our trips and we are proud to be able to step it up and serve more than just lunch meats, chicken skewers and chips. We really think you’ll enjoy it. We can also easily accommodate any food allergies or dietary restrictions, just let us know in advance! Oh did we mention the bar? Ahh yes, a premium bar with local brews, white wine, champagne, vodka, whisky, rum, and gin as well as all the mixers you’ll need for a tasty cocktail at sea! Our all inclusive bar is available on most trips (Mala Xpress Cash Bar). We truly look forward to having you out with us! And thanks for taking the time to read more about our little operation we call Sea Maui. You’ll find more about our crew below. Aloooooooha!

Meet the Crew

Bobby – Head Captain

Captain Bobby grew up in Massachusetts and moved out to Oahu almost 10 years ago. Quickly moving up the ladder in Waikiki Bobby went from beach boy to boat crew and then head Captain of one of Waikiki's most famous catamarans. Most of the crew here at Sea Maui has...

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Capt. Aaron

Capt. Aaron has worked on Maui boats for over 20 years! I know! He must have started when he was like 5 years old? He's seen just about everything there is to see out here which makes him an excellent Captain and not to mention a super interesting person to chat with....

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Capt. Phil

Another part of the Waikiki clan, Capt. Phil has been family for years and rounds out our team of Captains just perfectly. As a new Dad and soon to be husband, he's always ready to work (those babies and weddings are expensive). You won't catch Capt. Phil in a bad...

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Peter – Director of Operations

Peter is the definition of a true LEGEND. I mean look at his head shots, he was born to be a star! Haha. But seriously, he worked as a popular on-air talent for the E-News of Ireland and then moved his way to Hollywood to work as an on-air talent and news coordinator...

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Carrie – Lead Crew

Carrie is from Minnesota eh? She grew up listening to Prince and loves to sing Purple Rain in her head while hoisting the sails. Feel free to sing along when you see her on the boat! We acquired Carrie using our first draft pick through a mutual friend and decided...

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Cy – Concierge

One word comes to mind when describing Cy... Aloha. Born and raised on Maui he knows literally everything there is about activities, surfing, boats, snorkeling, but most importantly he truly embodies that Aloha spirit you won't find on the mainland. He's worked in the...

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James – Crew

After serving our country overseas for many years as a Marine, James finally settled in Waikiki where he met the rest of the gang. Fun fact, many Sea Maui employees originate from Waikiki boats and have been friends for many years. We've built the dream team here on...

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Sweet – Crew

Sweet is just that, Sweet. Another member of the Waikiki club, Sweet finally caved in and joined the rest of her friends here on Maui and made the move. We couldn't be happier to finally have her aboard. Most days you'll catch Sweet taking the photos on our snorkel...

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Liz – Crew

Liz is our jack of all trades. Somedays you find Liz on the beach, somedays on the boat doing photos, you may talk to her on the phones, Liz does it all. She exudes happiness and genuinely loves all people. Another original from Waikiki, it wasn't hard to convince Liz...

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Paula – Reservations & Mom

You'll catch Paula or "Mom" working the super busy phone lines of Sea Maui during peak times. Paula was born and raised in Detroit Michigan and is Philippe's actual mom. She worked for Pan Am for 21 years and United for 21 years before retiring here in Hawaii. Many of...

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Philippe – Chief Operating Officer

Aloha! I'm Philippe and I handle all of Sea Maui's marketing, social media, website design, and activites. I worked in radio for many years back in my hometown of Detroit and also here in Hawaii. In need of a change, I began working on Waikiki beach catamarans years...

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