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All Maui Ocean Adventures

The Best Ocean Adventures To Enjoy While on Maui!

Your Hawaii trip is not complete without enjoying some Maui ocean adventures. Whatever the ages and interests of your group, there are abundant water adventures you can pick in the rich oceans of Maui. Your vacation needs plenty of ocean time, from short snorkeling trips to an afternoon lanai on sailboats, surfing, to sunset cruises. You can choose to be on a boat, in the water, or both! 

Take advantage of all the magnificent amenities this paradise offers when visiting the magical island of Maui. Relax on the beach with a book while taking in the spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the outer islands of Kaho’olawe, Lana’i, and Moloka’i.

Imagine how comforting it would be to feel at peace knowing that all the difficult planning for your holiday has been completed. You, your family, and your friends must now simply enjoy the nicest Hawaiian vacation possible.

With that, we warmly welcome you to learn about some of the most amazing ocean adventures in the spirit of aloha!

Choose Your Maui Ocean Adventures

We try to approach things differently at Sea Maui because we want you to have unforgettable Maui Ocean Adventures. To fully experience the Maui ocean, you have to live through its waters. So you will have a good time learning about Maui’s marine life through snorkeling, seasonal whale watching, dolphin sighting, or indulging in the beautiful Maui sunset while live music plays.

Choose Your Ocean Adventure

Maui Snorkeling Tours

One of the best ocean adventures you can take on Maui is a fun-filled snorkel tour with Sea Maui. You can explore the underwater world by watching up close the Hawaiian green sea turtles tread the ocean water as they frolic around bustling volcanic and coral reefs. Witness vibrant schools of tropical fish, sea anemones, and various unique reef animals endemic to the Hawaiian sea waters. 

Visit different snorkeling sites in Maui, such as the Molokini Crater—one of only three volcanic calderas on the globe, having been created more than 150,000 years ago. It’s Hawaii’s only island marine sanctuary and a snorkeler’s paradise. Visitors who want to see Maui’s amazing marine life and underwater treasures swarm to the region as divers and snorkelers.

Xpress Snorkel Tour on Maui

For guests who wish to start snorkeling right away at one of the island’s most distinctive locations, this unique Maui snorkeling excursion is the ideal choice!

West Maui Half Day Snorkel Adventure

Discover top-notch snorkeling spots on Maui’s west coast. You can enjoy up-close experiences with stunning tropical fish, turtles, and coral reefs. The ideal first-time snorkeling adventure!

Afternoon West Maui Snorkel Tour

Not exactly an early riser? This snorkeling excursion is for you. The ideal afternoon activity without having to get up early or ride the boat for five hours!

Maui Sunset Cruise

Another Maui ocean adventure you can take while you stay in Hawaii is cruising and watching the sunset on the coast of Maui. First, sail along Maui’s coast as the vibrant sky transforms into the evening. Then, you can have a dining experience with your loved ones and friends over the beautiful Hawaiian sunset. Finally, after finishing up with a tasty dessert and drinks, sail back to the harbor as the stars twinkle above. It sure will be an evening to remember!

With breathtaking views of Moloka’i and Lana’i, spinner dolphins, and flying fish, this Maui sunset sail will be relaxing, delicious, and fun for the whole family! You can choose different types of these sunset cruises depending on your taste and budget.

Premium Sunset Cruise with Dinner Tour on Maui

Sea Maui’s Sunset Dinner Sail has a premium dining and sailing adventure that is perfect for anyone looking for a unique dining experience to escape the rush and bustle of the land.

Original Sunset Cocktail Cruise

Discover Sea Maui’s famous sunset charter as you sail from Ka’anapali Beach to take in a stunning Hawaiian sunset while sipping on crafted cocktails.

Sunset Live Music Cruise

Sea Maui’s Sunset Live is for you if you want something different from the typical Maui sunset cruise. Watch the sunset with a glass in hand as you take in the live music of local artists on board.

Whale Watching Cruises

Humpback whales migrate from the frigid seas of Alaska to the tropical waters of Maui from December through April to give birth to and rear their offspring. Take this chance to cruise and look for these magnificent creatures and see them in their natural habitat.

During the whale season, the tours operate specifically dedicated to whale watching. If you are already set with ocean adventures such as snorkeling or a cruise during this time, you can likely witness this extra special whale watching.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions to our crew members! They adore whale season just as much as the other tourists, and they could talk about whales all day. Whether you’re a seasoned whale spotter or this is your first time watching whales, every trip is unique. You never know when you might get that perfect shot of a whale breaching!

Moreover, Sea Maui’s open design makes it the ideal sailboat for whale watching. You won’t have to jostle with other people to get a glance at this magnificent scene.

Sea Maui Private Charters

If you are looking for more solemn and private ocean adventures, Sea Maui will be delighted to serve and help throw a good celebration for your special event or party. May it be an exclusive catering with a full premium open bar or a luxury sailing vessel, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time at sea! 

The vessels used in these private charters have restrooms on board, so you can keep the party going for hours! So whether you have a small or big party of 48 guests, you will surely have a good time experiencing the best of the Maui seas.

Pick a Tour & Book Now!

Have a great time with Sea Maui’s various ocean adventures. No matter what type of adventure you pick, you will undoubtedly get excellent service, food, drinks, and scenery. Check out more Maui island activities you can experience in your stay here in Maui.