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Xpress Snorkel Tour on Maui

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 2.5 hours

Calendar Availability: Daily at 8am (April 15th – Dec 14th)

Adult (Ages 21+)
Teen (Ages 13 - 20)
Child (Ages 3 - 12)
Young Child (Ages 2 and under)
Starting Price for Private Charter

Experience Sea Maui’s Best Xpress Maui Snorkel Tour 

Maui is home and the best spot in Hawaii to have a snorkel tour! Adding to that, getting to the best snorkeling spots in Maui is easy and fast. That’s why many Maui snorkel tours are huge tourist catchers since the adventure is something that never gets old — a testament to Sea Maui’s continuing success in giving these types of tours to visitors.

Xpress Snorkel Tour: The Fastest way to Enjoy Maui Snorkeling at a Unique Location

Xpress Snorkel Tour is the fastest way to enjoy Maui snorkeling at a unique location! Sea Maui has unique sails like no other tour boat, creating extra fun and exciting options for all to enjoy.

The Xpress snorkel is one of the best ways to experience the island’s beautiful waters. You will see all kinds of fascinating ocean wonders! The boat’s open-air layout provides a 360-degree view of seasonal whale sightings, dolphins, and whatever you may come across while at sea. This adventure is unique to Sea Maui and offers the fastest option to get you from the beach and straight to snorkeling in no time.

Our expert and experienced crew will take you to the best snorkel site based on the weather. The crew focuses on providing you with the clearest and calm waters available in the morning. You’ll likely be up close with the resident Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, colorful tropical fish, coral reefs, and other surprising marine life. These spots make for an unforgettable adventure in an underwater playground filled with all types of Hawaiian sea life. So if you’re not looking for a fancy half-day excursion and just want to get straight to the snorkeling, this is the trip for you.

Things to Expect in The Xpress Maui Snorkel Tour

Your extraordinary morning of Maui snorkel tour will begin at about 8 am. During your tour, we view and identify fish, turtles, coral, and more and go at a slow, leisurely pace.

When you show up, wear your swimsuit underneath clothes and shoes that are easy to get on and off. You will need to bring a towel, waterproof sunblock, and a hat or visor to protect you from the sun. We provide reef safe sunscreen to our snorkel adventurers. 

Other than your enjoyment, your safety and the preservation of the seas and its wonders are also our priority. This is why we practice responsible snorkeling, one of the least intrusive yet most intimate interactions possible you will get in the Hawaiian sea. Our Maui snorkel tours are designed to stimulate your sense of inquiry, discovery, and the joy of learning that comes with exploring the underwater world first-hand. As mentioned previously, we’ll provide a snorkel lesson and a marine biology briefing to help you identify the different species and understand and enjoy the different fish, coral, turtles, and the environment you encounter.

Cool beverages are provided on this Maui Snorkel Tour

We’ll provide complimentary juice, water, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and lemonade for refreshments. Below are the drinks served during the tour:

  • All our trips include a full open bar for guests 21+ years of age with proper ID.
  • We offer 2 local beers, white wine, champagne, bourbon, light rum, dark rum, and vodka. We can also create various cocktails such as Maitai’s, Maui Mules, etc.
  • Our non-alcoholic beverages include a variety of soft drinks, lemonade, passion orange guava juice, & water.

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Discover Sea Maui’s traditional sunset charter as we set sail from Ka’anapali Beach to experience the stunning Hawaiian sunset while sipping on crafted cocktails.

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If you want a more personalized snorkel tour experience, you can book a private charter with Sea Maui. You can also easily find the Sea Maui kiosk located along the beach walk at Whaler’s Village between Leilani’s restaurant and Hula Grill. We are the only boat with a physical location along the beach and the only boat with 4 hours of free parking validation.