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The Best Maui Adventures to Take in Your Summer Vacation

best maui adventures

Your Hawaiii summer vacation can only be completed if you include adventurous activities in the itinerary. So if you want to experience island life fully, you should take different adventures in its air, land, and sea! If you do so, you won’t ever feel like you missed anything while in your stay in Hawaii. So get ready as we will walk you through all the best Maui adventures you can enjoy throughout your summer vacation.

best maui adventures

Sea Adventures

  • Snorkeling

To fully enjoy Maui’s beautiful oceans, consider snorkeling in its famous snorkeling spots around the island. In addition, you can experience and have more fun when you take tours from our local snorkeling tours (such as ours!). The crew will ensure you enjoy and get the best experience up close with Hawaii’s sea creatures.

  • Surfing

If you want to enjoy the ocean waters without going too deep, you can always opt to surf its big waves near the shore. Maui has one of the best surfing waves in the world. So if you are just a beginner, you do not have to worry, as several local shops offer beginner surfing lessons. If you are still deciding where to catch the best waves, Hawaii locals will be happy to help you find the best spot around the island.

  • Whale watching

Aside from the deep ocean creatures and surfing waves, you can also spot whales during your vacation in Hawaii. Yes, you heard it right. The biggest sea mammal can be seen in the Hawaiian waters! However, you must ensure you are visiting the island at the right time, as whale watching is only available from December to April.

  • Sunset by the Sea

After a long day of Maui adventures, you can take another relaxing adventure during your vacation. There are local tours that offer sunset boat cruises. This sunset tour can highlight your day, for you can see the splendid and spectacular sunset over the boat. You can enjoy your dinner with live music as the sunsets and the sky colors change.

Land Adventures

  • Drive to Hana

Taking a drive to Hanna can also be a great land adventure when you visit Maui. First, you can take a drive on the road to Hana. This path will lead you to the east coast of Maui, where a bamboo forest and a great overlooking view of the Maui Sea will welcome you.

  • Visit Haleakala National Park

The island of Maui is also home to the Haleakala volcano. You can visit it near it and enjoy a great view of the island at the top. Aside from its fantastic overlooking view, you can also enjoy watching the sunrise and sunset in Maui.

  • ATV Tours 

If you are more interested in more energized land adventures in Maui, you can go for ATV tours available around the island. Here you can visit valleys, forests, and even the top of volcanoes.

Air Adventures

  • Zipline

You can opt for a heart-raising zipline to feel Maui’s fresh, natural air. Several tours are available around the island, and whatever tour you choose, you will feel the rush and fun of feeling the Maui air!

Whichever Maui adventure you take, Hawaii will never disappoint an adventurer-seeking soul like you. So if you are a fan of diving deep and filling your Hawaii vacation with the best Maui adventures, Sea Maui has your back. Our sea adventures will satisfy your love of adventure on our breathtaking ocean waters.

We offer tours, from snorkeling to whale watching, and give the best sunset boat cruise to guests who want to level up their sea adventure in your Maui experience. So take advantage of the best Maui adventures and book your sea tours with us today!