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Best Private Boat Trips in Maui

a boat sitting on top of a sandy beach

Are you looking for a private boat trip for your loved ones? At Sea Maui, we offer private charters that are personalized for our dear passengers who wish to privately spend their excursion at Maui. We offer the best private boat trips for you and your family and take you to multiple attractions while solely providing the accommodation to you and your family alone. Celebrate special occasions with selected individuals on our private charters now!

a boat sitting on top of a sandy beach

Maui’s Private Charters

At Sea Maui, our private charters allow you to set up your own private excursion with your friends and family. Our private charters consist of various activities such as snorkeling, sightseeing, whale watching and a splendid dining experience provided by the company. In addition, it’s also an ideal choice to celebrate personal occasions such as birthdays.

We also ensure that our best private boat trips in Maui have a team of professionals aboard to guarantee our passengers’ safety. However, our private charters are only limited to 48 people for Sea Maui II and 49 people for Sea Maui III. Overall, our private charters are definitely a game changer for your holidays and occasions.

Here’s our private boat trips you can consider checking out:

Original Sunset Cocktail Cruise on Sea Maui II

The original sunset cocktail cruise takes you to a picturesque setting while sailing in the evening. Here, you get the chance to prepare your cameras and take pictures of the dramatic sunset that will surely capture your attention. Additionally, the cruise also has a premium bar that offers superb cocktails that come from local Maui breweries.

The original sunset cocktail cruise costs $4,700 including the tax and gratuity.

Premium Sunset Cruise with Dinner Tour on Sea Maui III

Our premium sunset cruise literally offers premium accommodation. This cruise allows you to enjoy their premium cocktails while you indulge in an evening sailing excursion. The Sea Maui III is a newly renovated catamaran that loads up to 49 passengers. Furthermore, the cabins are spacious which provides a sufficient space for every passenger on board.

This cruise costs $6,700 which also includes tax and gratuity.

Sunset Live Music Cruise

If you prefer a lively setting on the cruise, our sunset live music cruise offers good music and accommodation. It may be an ideal setting if you want to get involved in a party-like theme in the middle of the seas. Take the time to appreciate the beauty of life through our quality meals and refreshments. Top it off with good music and good company!

The whole excursion costs $5,000 which includes the tax and gratuity.

Our best private boat trips in Maui last for approximately 2 hours which is long enough to celebrate various occasions. In addition, it also means that you get to enjoy attractions and whale watching for a long duration. As a result, availing these trips is surely something to look forward to. Another reason that makes these trips highly recommended is it caters to everyone. 

So if you’re planning for an evening excursion in the islands of Maui, consider trying one of our private charters. Allow yourself to garner a set of unforgettable memories through taking pictures with your friends and the people around you that matter. 

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