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Meet The Crew

Captain Brad

Fleet Master / Captain

As our Fleet Master Captain Brad has his hands full. There’s always something to be fixed on these vessels, and Captain Brad is the best there is. His extensive knowledge of all things boats along with his decades of Captain experience makes him the Obi-Wan Kenobi of Ka’anapali. Besides his mechanical abilities Captain Brad is also an amazing, safe, and fun Captain with a knowledge of Maui waters like none other. We are so blessed to have Brad as part of the Sea Maui Ohana and if you’re lucky enough to have Brad as your Captain you’ll see why too!

Captain Phil

Vessel Master Sea Maui II

Another part of the Waikiki clan, Capt. Phil has been family for years and rounds out our team of Captains just perfectly. As a new Dad and soon to be husband, he’s always ready to work (those babies and weddings are expensive). You won’t catch Capt. Phil in a bad mood, he brings the most positive attitude and good juju to each day on Sea Maui. His experience on Oahu and Maui make him a huge asset to the team and a great Captain for our guests.

Captain Aaron

Vessel Master Sea Maui III

Capt. Aaron has worked on Maui boats for over 20 years! I know! He must have started when he was like 5 years old? He’s seen just about everything there is to see out here which makes him an excellent Captain and not to mention a super interesting person to chat with. His emphasis on safety and his knowledge of the the waters will ensure your trip with Sea Maui is flawless. We’re so blessed to have Capt. Aaron in the family, we know you’ll feel the same when you meet him.

Captain Bobby

Captain Bobby grew up in Massachusetts and moved out to Oahu in 2010. Quickly moving up the ladder in Waikiki, Bobby went from beach boy to boat crew and then to head Captain of one of Waikiki’s most famous catamarans. Most of the crew here at Sea Maui has worked with Bobby in Waikiki at some point or another so the next obvious choice was to steal him to Maui. We couldn’t be happier to have such a capable and experienced Captain to help run the show. Not to mention it’s pretty awesome getting to work with all your friends! Bobby and his amazing wife have 1 beautiful daughter who is currently in training to become a Sea Maui crew member in 2035 😂

Captain Linda

Captain Linda is one of Maui’s most experienced boat captains. Her enthusiasm and dedication to sharing knowledge about Maui, the ocean, sailing, whales and more makes her one of the most interesting people you’d want to chat with onboard. Capt. Linda is also the Commodore at Lahaina Yacht Club and is involved with many community events each year. We couldn’t be more proud and grateful to be able to work along side and learn from Capt. Linda everyday. She is a true master of her craft and we’re blessed to have her in the Sea Maui Ohana.


Director of Operations

Peter is the definition of a true LEGEND. I mean look at his head shots, he was born to be a star! Haha. But seriously, he worked as a popular on-air talent for the E-News of Ireland and then moved his way to Hollywood to work as an on-air talent and news coordinator for TMZ. To say he’s “connected” is an understatement. Peter and his wife decided to move back to Maui to be with family after their first child was born and we couldn’t be happier! Now part of the Sea Maui Ohana, he is the glue that holds the company together. As our Operations Manager he keeps the company moving and does it with a smile everyday. You won’t find a better team, Peter and his beach concierge crew will take your vacation to the next level. You’ll likely meet Peter and his team when you check in for you amazing Sea Maui sail.


Operations Manager

Sweet is just that, Sweet. Another member of the Waikiki club, Sweet finally caved in and joined the rest of her friends here on Maui and made the move. We couldn’t be happier to finally have her aboard. Most days you’ll catch Sweet taking the photos on our snorkel sails. Her photography skills are unrivaled here on Maui, she always gets the shot! You won’t find a more gentile, kind and caring human. Sweet will take great care of you while in the water, and make you look good doing it!


1st Mate Sea Maui II

After serving our country overseas for many years as a Marine, James finally settled in Waikiki where he met the rest of the gang. Fun fact, many Sea Maui employees originate from Waikiki boats and have been friends for many years. We’ve built the dream team here on Maui and we wouldn’t be a complete “Ohana” (family) without our brother James. He brings a great attitude, TONS of Aloha, and plenty of experience with him to work everyday. If you’re lucky enough to sail with James you’ll see right off the bat that you’re now part of the family too.


1st Mate Sea Maui III

Geno is originally from Washington State and has worked on Ka’anapali catamarans for almost 4 years now. His stellar customer service, knowledge of sailing and love for the ocean makes Geno the perfect 1st Mate of our newest and largest vessel Sea Maui III. In his spare time Geno loves playing all sport and you can typically find him in the ocean, even on his days off. His weakness is donuts and his spirit animal is a honu (sea turtle).


Carrie is from Minnesota eh? She grew up listening to Prince and loves to sing Purple Rain in her head while hoisting the sails. Feel free to sing along when you see her on the boat! We acquired Carrie using our first draft pick through a mutual friend and decided that we’re never giving her back. Carrie’s spirit animal is a shark (even though she couldn’t hurt a fly), she’s totally addicted to candy, loves to bust a move on our rockin’ sunset sails (she’ll be happy to show you), and dreams of having a Humpback whale jump over the boat like in Free Willy. Let’s all pray that her dreams never come true right? Jokes aside, we’re so lucky to have Carrie on board with us. She’s a pleasure to work with and Sea Maui wouldn’t be the same without her.


Nic grew up in Colorado and moved out to Maui in 2012. With his years of experience in luxury hospitality, Nic brings an unmatched level of service to Sea Maui everyday. After years of also working on boats here on Maui, Nic is now quickly becoming “mr. fix it”, and has developed a healthy addiction to spear fishing and free diving too. He’s truly a jack of all trades. Nic, his infectious attitude, and dedication to providing the best possible service make him one of the coolest people you’d want to spend 5 hours on the water with. Of course he makes some killer cocktails too!


Yet another member of the Waikiki clan, we finally convinced Eddie to join the Sea Maui Ohana in 2019 after years and years of begging. His knowledge of sailing catamarans and his hilarious onboard banter creates the most positive vibes during your adventure with Sea Maui. Don’t let his laid back “salty sailor” look fool you, Eddie is also a website and computer whizz. Yet another man with many talents here at Sea Maui and we simply couldn’t do it without him!



Mario was born and raised in Spain and moved to Maui in 2017. His enthusiasm on board is contagious, he’s always willing to teach our guests about all the wonders of Maui and our stunning waters. A true athlete with incredible swimming & free diving skills, not to mention his soccer skills on land! Mario is also a proud husband and papa of a beautiful baby girl with another one on the way! His dedication to the Sea Maui Ohana is endless, we are honored to have him on board everyday.


Chief Operating Officer

Aloha! I’m Philippe and I handle all of Sea Maui’s marketing, social media, website design, and activites. I worked in radio for many years back in my hometown of Detroit and also here in Hawaii. In need of a change, I began working on Waikiki beach catamarans years ago. Throughout the years I’ve learned a TON about the business and operations of tour boats and I’ve been blessed with the opportuinty to put that to good use here at Sea Maui with all of my friends. I’m passionate about marketing and promotions and even though I LOVED sailing and crewing on the boats, I think my true calling has always been to help run the business and help create a great brand that we can all be proud of. I enjoy graphic arts, web design, and photography which all comes in handy with my role here at Sea Maui. Please follow us on Instagram! and like us on Facebook! and if you’re ever back at home, browsing through our posts and pictures say hi! I love interacting with our guests before and after they join us on the boat. It’s so rewarding to hear the awesome feedback people share and I can’t thank everyone enough for being so supportive of Sea Maui since day one. We’ve met so many great people and families even in just the last 2 years and many of them keep in touch. If you ever have a suggestion, comment, issue with this website or even just need a hand booking you can always reach out to me. [email protected]. Mahalo for you’re interest in Sea Maui and thanks for visiting!


Reservations & Mom

You’ll catch Paula or “Mom” working the super busy phone lines of Sea Maui during peak times. Paula was born and raised in Detroit Michigan and is Philippe’s actual mom. She worked for Pan Am for 21 years and United for 21 years before retiring here in Hawaii. Many of those years were spent in the reservations department before moving on to First Class Ticket Agent at Pan Am DTW and Service Director at United OGG. We couldn’t just have her lounging around and not putting that reservations experience to good use! Paula truly enjoys getting to talk to travelers coming to Maui and loves helping them plan their trips. She’s also an excellent cook, and loves to play host to the staff of Sea Maui when they decide to visit upcountry. We truly are a big family here at Sea Maui and Paula is a big part of that. We love you mom! (She’s going to kill me)