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Savoring the Splendor of a Sunset on Maui

sunset on maui

Apart from its gorgeous ocean waters and natural beauty, Hawaii’s breathtaking sunsets are one of the reasons why tourists visit the island. During the summer season, the sunset on Maui Islands is picturesque, as though mother nature paints it live. As such, its everchanging colors will no doubt leave your eyes and your heart in awe and in love. 

If this is your first time visiting the Maui island of Hawaii, this article will walk you through how you can enjoy the island’s best sunsets.

Where are the Best Sunset Spots on Maui?

You can experience and witness the sunset on Maui in several ways. For starters, you can enjoy this splendid and gorgeous sunset by visiting its hill parks, coastlines, and coves or by the ocean through a boat cruise. If you want to know specific spots that you can visit, we listed a few, and they are:

  • Lahaina Harbor 

Lahaina is a town port located in the west part of the island. This port is also known for its vibrant and stunning sunsets that you can enjoy and watch while sipping your favorite cocktails on its array of beachfront bars.

  • Wailea Beach

If you want to enjoy the sunset over the sands, Maui island has a known crescent-shaped beach called Wailea Beach. Here you can enjoy the sunset with its clear ocean waters and tranquil atmosphere. You can dip your feet in the sea shore waves as you fill your eyes with the sky changing hues as the sun sets.

  • Makena Beach 

Aside from the mentioned west coastline beaches of Maui, another beach in the southern part of Maui has a great view of the Pacific ocean. This is the Makena beach, from which you can still get the best out of Maui’s sunset.

Sunset Cruise on Maui

Watching the sunset on Maui island by the beach is already breathtaking. However, watching the sky changes its color while you’re on a cruise is another level of experience. During this cruise, you can see closely how the sun kisses the sea as it sets. Aside from this luxurious sight, you can also experience the following during a sunset boat cruise:

  • Live music or entertainment
  • Delicious cocktails and appetizers
  • Panoramic views of the coastline
  • A romantic atmosphere

Experience a Sunset on Maui with Sea Maui

Experience a closer look at Maui sunset over a boat cruise with Sea Maui. With our sunset cruise, you will get dazzling and memorable sunset experiences. Our sunset cruise tours will fill your senses as we offer live music, sumptuous meals, and a fantastic panoramic view of the sky and sea.

If you are planing a romantic night with your loved one, we can set up a lovely dinner for two with Cafe Jai’s menu and live local music that will serenade your ears. Aside from the delicious foods, our tours also have an onboard bar filled with locally crafted drinks and delicious cocktails.

Last but not the least, our sunset boat tours are not just limited to a romantic getaway. You can also experience this with your family and friends!  The Sea Maui crew will never let you down during this tour, for we can share our knowledge and trivia about Maui sea creatures and cultures. So come and book a tour with us today and together, let’s experience sunset on Maui!