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Whale Watching in Maui in April That You Shouldn’t Miss

whale watching maui april

Whale watching is a beautiful adventure that is popular in Hawaii. The magnificent large mammals congregate yearly in the Hawaiian waters and on the shorelines for their annual winter migration between December and April. That is why a whale-watching Maui April activity is an ideal opportunity for your family and friends. You can see the whales’ beauty and the show from the front-row seat. Now, why shouldn’t you miss this trip?

whale watching maui april

Unique Activities to Expect During the Whale Show 

Witnessing the whales jump and dive into the water is another level of fun. As you see them in the front row seat, you can have a better look at them and be amazed by how they can lift themselves with their prominent figure. During the whale show, you can expect to see various activities that whales do in the water. These activities will level up your whale tour adventure.


When you see a whale leap out of the water before they splash back down, they are doing a breach. Whales jump and land so they can clean themselves. And by booking a whale watching in Maui in April, you will see them breach up close.


Whales can also have a better look at us through the mugging activity. They approach the boat or the vessel to look at the people on board. So you should note that the boat’s captain cannot maneuver the ship once the whale is outside the 100-yard boundary.

Spy Hopping

Aside from mugging, whales can also do spy hopping to see what is going on the surface. When they spy hop, they float vertically in the water and pop their eyes out for a better view. So, wait for this moment and capture it on camera.


Just like humans, whales do need surface oxygen to breathe. In that regard, they swim to live every 15 to 20 minutes. When this happens, they will blow a fine mist of hot, condensed water from their lungs that will reach up to 20 feet, which will be convenient for you to spot them during the whale-watching in Maui in April.

Pecs Slapping 

Female whales do pecs slapping to attract the local male whales. They lift one or both of their fins out of the water and continuously slap the water as much as they want to. In an estimate, the pecs of the whales can grow up to 16 feet long. 

Tail Slapping

If whales do the tail slapping activity, they just want to warn off predation or demonstrate play. Thus, the sound produces a gunshot-like sound that can be heard on the shore and nearby. 

Whale Song

Have you ever heard of whales singing a song? If not, then this is a perfect time that you shouldn’t miss a whale-watching in Maui in April activity. As for the music, you can hear them make noise underwater using a hydrophone. 

Fluke Dive

One thing that signifies that the whale show is near its end is when the whales are fluke diving. When their bodies are in an upside-down arch in the water, you can expect that they are now ready to dive deep.

Try a Whale Watching Activity this April!

Nothing compares to a beautiful time this April trying out a whale-watching activity at Maui. It is one of the best ocean adventures you can invest in to make the most of your time in the islands of Hawaii. That said, book yourself a whale-watching in Maui in April adventure at Sea Maui to have a perfect touring experience like never before. Visit our website to know more about us.