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What To Do in Maui in December?

What To Do in Maui in December

If you are asking what to do in Maui in December, well, the best answer for that is to do whale watching. This is because December is the first month when humpback whales start migrating in Maui’s warm and tropical waters. So in that sense, you are guaranteed that you can do whale sightings. Although the population of whales during this month is fewer compared to the following months, the thing is, you can see more whales up close as they are the batch who are curious and are most likely to approach boats to interact with humans!

The Best Places to Whale Watch in Maui

To enjoy the ever-magnificent humpback whales, you need to know the right spots to stay so you can take a good look. At Sea Maui, we have several places to take you where whales are visible, from South to West Maui. 

Ka’anapali Beach Walking Path

There is no denying that the walking path in Ka’anapali beach is one of the best spots for whale watching. As this path connects the Black Rock and Hyatt, you can look at the Hawaiian sea’s large mammals. In addition, this path is where whales can be commonly seen, so you must wait and keep an eye while walking.


Another place you must visit for good whale watching is the Olowalu. You can find the place by going down Honoapiilani Highway until you reach the Olowalu General Store and Leoda’s Kitchen. Once you get there, you must follow the road and pull off near the beach. Then you can glimpse the incredible and gigantic whales in the sparkling sea of Maui.

Makena State Park

Makena State Park is also known as Oneloa Beach. Many people even consider it the “Big Beach” of Maui, as it is a mile and a half long and a hundred feet wide. As there are a lot of beaches in Hawaii, like the Makena, you can expect to see the great humpback whales doing their tricks in the ocean.

McGregor Point Lookout

If you want a better look at the whales in the ocean, one way to go is to go to the cliff. And the famous place in Maui is the McGregor Point Lookout, located between Ma’alaea and Lahaina. With its great height, it is the perfect place for whale watching. Also, there are times when a marine naturalist might assist you with your questions about whales. You need to check them out at the Pacific Whale Foundation.

Wailea Oceanside Path

Just like in Ka’anapali, the Wailea Oceanside path is the best spot for whale watching while walking. You can stroll in this spot in the morning or late afternoon if you’d like. In addition, this path is considered an ideal location for sunset walking with your family and friends. 

So what to do in Maui in December? It is whale watching in the beautiful place of Maui. You can witness how humpback whales do tail slapping or fluke diving. So if you are looking for fun activities in December, book a whale-watching tour at Sea Maui!