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2 Hour Maui Whale Watch Tour

Quick Details

  Hour Glass Duration: 2 hours

Calendar Availability: Daily at 8am, 11am, & 2pm Dec 15th – April 15th

Note: All Half Day Snorkeling & Sunset Trips also include Whale Watching!

Whale Watching
Adults (Ages 21+)
Teens (Ages 13 - 20)
Children (Ages 3 - 12)
Infants & Toddlers (Ages 2 & Under)
Private Charters
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The Maui Whale Watch Tour You Shouldn’t Miss On Your Trip To Hawaii

These magnificent mammals congregate yearly in Hawaiian waters and on Hawaiian shorelines for their annual winter migration. In Maui, whale watching is a must-do activity. The whales can be seen effortlessly in the tranquil waters of west Maui and we have your front row seat to the show!

What to Expect on Your Maui Whale Watch Tour Adventure


When a whale breaches, it leaps out of the water before splashing back down. Some whales will jump and land, whereas others may flip or turn before touching down. 


A humpback whale must be kept 100 yards away from boats. A “mugging” happens when a whale approaches a boat inside 100 yards, usually to get a better look. At this point our captains are not permitted to maneuver the vessel until the whale travels outside of the 100 yard boundary. 

Spy Hopping

A spy hop is when the whale’s rostrum, or head, is entirely out of the water. This happens when a whale pops its eyes out of the water while floating vertically in the water to see what is going on on the surface.

​​A Blow

An adult humpback whale swims to the surface to breathe every 15 to 20 minutes. A deep dive can last 45 minutes. A blow causes a fine mist of hot, condensed water to erupt from their lungs, reaching heights of up to 20 feet. A blow is the most convenient way to see whales.

Pecs Slapping 

A pectoral slap occurs when a female whale lifts one or both large fins out of the water and repeatedly slaps the water. Scientists believe this is done to attract local males. The pec can grow to be up to 16 feet long.

Whale Song

Whales make noise underwater, which is known as a whale song. A hydrophone in the water is the only way to hear a whale song.

Tail Slapping

Try a tail slap or tail throw if the pec slap isn’t enough for you. The slap can produce a gunshot-like sound that can be heard on the shore. It is frequently done repeatedly to demonstrate aggression or play. This trick is popular among children.

A Fluke Dive

You’ll know the celebration is over when their bodies are in an upside-down upward arch under the water. And when the tail is evenly and entirely out of the water. This indicates that the whales are now up for a deep dive.

What to Wear on Your Maui Whale Watch Tour

You surely can get to see the whales on shore. However, booking a tour with Sea Maui is the best way to see the whales up close. Going on a tour to see whales in Maui requires wearing proper clothing and accessories for a beautifully memorable experience. 

Discover the Best Water Hats.

The boat will provide some shade, but the shade will shift as the boat moves. Wearing a hat can help you get more shade during the tour! Wearing a chin strap may be your best option for keeping your hat on while the boat is moving or if there is wind! Waterproof materials and broad-brimmed hats are excellent choices. We recommend Melin hats! 

Wear Appropriate Clothing

A shirt with a light jacket and shorts is recommended when going on a Maui whale watch tour. In addition, a rain jacket or poncho can be helpful in the event of tropical rain or ocean spray. We also recommend flip flops or slippers as this is a barefoot sail and you will need to walk into the sand/water to board the boat. The Coast Guard does not require life jackets to be worn on the boat while underway, emergency life vests are available and will be distributed to guests only in the event of an emergency.

Don’t Be Concerned About Shoes

Because our whale watching tours are barefoot, please wear shoes that can be easily kicked off and stored while underway. We can also accommodate you if you have a medical condition that requires you to wear shoes, please notify our beach staff.

Use Reef-Safe Sunscreen.

If you need sunscreen, please bring only reef-safe sunscreen. This sunscreen would be free of oxybenzone, avobenzone, octocrylene, octisalate, homosalate, and octinoxate. We also provide complimentary reef-safe sunscreen in case you forget your zinc or mineral-based product.

Your vacation in Hawaii is not complete without having any whale-watching experiences. Book a full Maui whale watch tour at Sea Maui today! Experience an extraordinary journey during your stay in Hawaii. Call us today!

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