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Experience the Magic of Maui’s Best Sunset Cruise

a group of people in a boat on a body of water

Vacations become more exciting and wholesome when enjoyed in the evening. As sunsets exude an aesthetically pleasing view, there is no denying that it’s best enjoyed with a good meal and refreshments. That said, cruising the seas with Maui’s best sunset cruise adds to the fun and doubles your satisfaction just before the boat takes you back to where you started.

a group of people in a boat on a body of water

Introducing Maui’s Best Sunset Cruise

Our sunset cruise options come with the most quality experience. You don’t simply watch the sunset alone. You also get to enjoy our unique foods and beverages that go in variety. In addition, you’ll have a wide array of our delicious choices and enjoy hanging out at our bar to indulge in our desired refreshments.

However, there are specific guidelines that we expect people to follow on board. These guidelines ensure that everyone is safe and will have a seamless experience throughout the excursion. Furthermore, passengers can expect comfort from our sunset cruise and our lovely team of professionals. So we introduce you to our Original Sunset Cocktail Cruise!

Original Sunset Cocktail Cruise

Get the chance to enjoy your best Hawaiian evening through our sunset cruise. It is where you can enjoy your party or even a little get-together. This cruise provides a very comfortable lounge environment while enjoying the compelling sunset. On top of that, passengers can also enjoy the inclusions that go along with our sunset cruise.

The excursion takes approximately two hours and is available from Monday to Sunday. Aside from the activities mentioned above, our passengers can enjoy marine life sightings through Maui’s best sunset cruise, such as whales, dolphins, and even turtles. So invite your family and friends for this unforgettable and exciting adventure.

Meanwhile, here’s a list of prices: 

  • Adult (Ages 21+) – $100
  • Teen (Ages 13 – 20) – $80
  • Child (Ages 3 – 12) – $70
  • Young Child (ages two and under) – FREE 
  • Starting Price for Private Charter – $4700

As mentioned above, passengers are expected to follow our guidelines to maintain a healthy and safe environment for everyone. The rules to be followed are:

  • Wearing comfortable clothes
  • Bringing preventative medicine or a kit if you are prone to motion sickness.
  • Bringing light jackets, cardigans, and sweaters is recommended as the temperature on the open water decreases at night.
  • All alcoholic drinkers must bring a valid or government-issued photo ID.
  • Wearing sandals and flip tops is suggested for easy removal, as all footwear will be collected and placed in a bin during the trip.
  • All guests must have a moderate physical fitness level.
  • The minimum drinking age allowed to drink alcoholic beverages is 21 years old.

In Summary

Following the rules is the first thing that we implement in our cruises to ensure a successful experience. On top of that, we want everyone to enjoy Maui’s best sunset cruise and make the best memories that will be treasured forever.

Indeed, it’s essential to take a break from your everyday life so experience the magic that Maui can bring to you and your family. Book a sunset cruise today to have a wonderful and worthy vacation.