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Embark on a Private Boat Charter in Maui for A Luxury Escape

private boat charter in Maui

When cruising through the refreshing waters of Maui, there’s nothing better than enjoying the excursion privately with your loved ones and people close to you. That’s why at Sea Maui, we’re glad to let you know that we offer our dear guests a private boat charter in Maui.

Start your private charter experience with us and make your boat party begin today!

Amazing Private Boat Charter in Maui

When going to Hawaii, you can have the option to take a cruise privately and intimately with your family, friends, and everyone who matters to you. Throw your party in the middle of the sea in whatever way you want and enjoy our other activities and several inclusions along the way.

Our private charters go with quality boats where one can enjoy unlimited revitalizing views of Maui’s seas and mountains. Moreover, sightings of whales, dolphins, and even turtles will make you smile. Thus, visiting Maui is a natural amusement and a therapy that allow you to appreciate nature through a captivating perspective.

Things You Can Enjoy On A Private Charter

Cruising on a private boat charter in Maui isn’t only all about enjoying the moments on board. You can enjoy a couple more activities, which we will go through right now. However, it’s worth noting that prices may differ depending on the type of activity you’ll engage in. But remember that our activities are worth it, especially if they give you the happiness you need. 

Here are some fun activities you can indulge in:

Snorkeling Charters

Dive in and start your snorkeling experience! Snorkeling just close to your boat is best to ensure your safety. Feel free to wander underwater and appreciate the beauty of Maui’s marine life. Enjoy the company of adorable turtles, dolphins, and whales swimming with you for a beautiful ocean adventure momentum.

Here’s a list of prices you can check out:

Half-Day West Maui Snorkeling (3-Hour Minimum)

  • Sea Maui II Price/hr: $1600
  • Sea Maui III Price/hr: $2000
  • Location: West Maui Snorkeling Spots (Olowalu, Honolua, etc.)

Xpress Snorkel (2 Hour Minimum)

  • Sea Maui II Price/hr: $1600
  • Sea Maui III Price/hr: $2000
  • Location: Mala Wharf

The inclusions in all private charter packages are the following:

  • Catering (menu depends on the charter duration and time of day)
  • Beverages (soft drinks, juice, water, coffee, etc.;
  • Professional guides;
  • Free use of snorkeling equipment; and
  • Four hours of parking validation

Sunset Charters

Enjoy the sunset view on our boat as we make your evening worth remembering. Indulge with our hearty menu while relaxing in front of the captivating rays of the sunset. Touring in sunset charters also go with good music, which is a perfect pair for your lovely dining experience. Indeed, you can experience the most lavish and cozy experience in the middle of the sea with ease.

Have a luxury escape of a lifetime

Take on a great ocean adventure through our private boat charter in Maui. Top it off with good food and thirst-quenching refreshments available on board. End your private charter experience under the sunset as you return to where the boat started. This whole excursion will surely induce happy hormones before you get home.

If you want the same private boat charter experience, check out our private charters Maui today!