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Maui Magic: Find Out What To Do in Maui

a small boat in a body of water with a mountain in the background

Are you planning a trip to Hawaii? Guess what? Maui is the best place to visit as it has pristine beaches, picturesque mountains, volcanic landscapes, and many exciting activities.

In this article, we’ll guide you through what to do in Maui before you officially book your flight to the island. At Sea Maui, we want your stay to be as worthwhile as possible so you can truly enjoy what it feels like to have some exciting adventures that await you.

a small boat in a body of water with a mountain in the background

Figuring Out What To Do in Maui

What should you do during your Maui visit? Get your list of things to do, and we’ll introduce each activity. In Maui, you get to witness its beauty and enjoy all sorts of activities that we can offer. So if you plan to make your summer experience unforgettable, you can make us your partner agency throughout the trip.

We’ll walk you through the activities and tell you what it’s all about. These activities are a must-try for you, your family, and your friends. We’ve prepared various activities to cater to people with unique hobbies, interests, and preferences.

Introducing the things you can enjoy in Maui!

Epic Maui Hikes

Are you interested in wandering around the deep forests of Maui? Well, our Epic Maui Hike is absolutely a fantastic activity to try on as you traverse through the vast woods of the island. This hiking adventure is best enjoyed with your family and friends. Furthermore, Epic Maui Hike can be your therapy to help you unwind and take a break from all the hustle and bustle from work or school.

Kapalua Zipline

Introducing Maui’s largest zipline, Kapalua Zipline!

If you want to enjoy the view while gliding through the air, this zipline adventure is definitely for you. This outdoor activity will take guests on a fun-filled ATV ride up to the 360-foot suspension bridge, where you will soar over 1,600 feet in elevation. Through this perspective, it’ll be easier to freshen your eyes with the clear blue water from a distance.

Maui Escape Room

If you prefer indoor activities, the Maui Escape Room is the best option. You can enjoy a puzzle-like adventure that will test your skill in analyzing and decision-making. Try your best to unlock the doors and finish through the final level. This activity offers four different experiences differing in escape levels. Maui Escape Room is an ideal choice during harsh weather conditions. 

Maverick Helicopter

If you haven’t figured out yet what to do in Maui, maybe consider enjoying the attractive mountains and vast seas above the sky through Sea Maui’s Maverick Helicopter. Fly around and fill up your vision with countless wonders around you. Get a clear view of multiple attractive spots in one frame and land safely as you return to Maverick’s Kahului Heliport in Maui.

The Bottom Line

All of our activities offer unique experiences that you’ll never forget. These activities are just portions of an immense fun you haven’t discovered yet. Consider checking out our other fun activities here. Whatever you choose, we promise that you’ll go home with the best memories alone.

What to do in Maui? Explore more with us through our website and unveil more adventures!