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Go Snorkeling in Maui in February

Snorkeling in Maui in February

February is one of the best months to do snorkeling. This month, you can expect the weather to be good, the diving conditions are excellent, and with that, there are plenty of marine creatures you can see. And so, you can expect an incredible adventure when you book for a trip and try snorkeling in Maui in February!

Maui Snorkeling Tour 

At Sea Maui, there are three snorkeling tours that you can try on, but only the West Maui Snorkel Half-Day Adventure is the tour that is available in February. The half-day excursion can be availed daily, starting from 8:30 and runs for four and a half hours. With that, you have enough time to discover the crystal clear water of Maui and witness the different kinds of marine life in the sea.


West Maui Snorkel Adventure

Going on a half-day snorkeling trip is the perfect opportunity to jump into the sea and get up close and personal with the vibrant reefs and other wildlife surprises. More than that, during the snorkel excursion, you will be taken to different snorkeling sites such as Honolua Bay, Cliff House, Oluwalu, Mala Wharf, Makulei’a Bay, and Kapalua Bay. These sites are filled with stunning marine life that you don’t see on typical beaches. So jump in the water and enjoy the great weather in February.

West Maui Snorkel Menu

The food is one of the best things you can experience on this kind of snorkeling tour. As Sea Maui has Chef Jai, we can assure you that everything you see on your plate is made out of true artistry and purely deletable. The Cafe Jai will provide all the meals on board: breakfast and lunch. The menus for the tour are as follows:

  • Breakfast Menu

    • Scrambled eggs
    • Bacon & breakfast sausage
    • White rice
  • Vegetarian Breakfast Menu

    • Tofu scramble
    • Vegetarian meats
    • White rice
  • Lunch Menu

    • Huli-Huli chicken
    • Caesar salad with dressing, croutons & lemons
    • Veggie pasta
    • Taro buns
  • Vegetarian Lunch Menu

    • Vegetable tofu stir-fry
    • Caesar salad with dressing, croutons & lemons
    • Veggie pasta
    • Taro buns

West Maui Snorkel Drinks

At Sea Maui, we have a lot of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available in the open bar. It is open for all guests aged 21+ with proper ID. We offer the adults two local beers, white wine, light rum, vodka, bourbon, and more. We also create different cocktails of your liking. As for the kids, we have soft drinks, lemonade, juices, and more. So choose among our glasses and get refreshed after the whole snorkeling trip. Truly, snorkeling in Maui in February is a great opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. It gives you the best weather to enjoy snorkeling to its fullest. And, of course, you will only experience a great trip in the tranquil waters of Maui if you choose a touring company that assists you all the way. At Sea Maui, we fill your February vacation to the fullest. So if you are interested in going snorkeling this month, book now!