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Is Whale Watching in Maui Worth It?

is whale watching in maui worth it

Whale watching is one of the best water adventures you need to do while in the Hawaiian waters. This activity is considered the most popular as it can only happen at a specific time when humpback whales have their migration period. So once you can decide what kind of whale-watching trip you want to go on, book it immediately so you don’t lose the chance of meeting with the large mammals up close! But of course, you might want to ask yourself first — is whale watching in Maui worth it? The answer to that lies in the kind of trip you have chosen. 

At Sea Maui, we have several whale-watching trips that you can choose from. So check out the options below to know whether the tour you want is worth your money and time.

is whale watching in maui worth it

Worthy Whale Watching Tours to Try at Sea Maui

There are many reasons why whale watching activity in Sea Maui is a worthy and memorable tour. Aside from the fact that you are getting the best experience of interacting with the whales, this activity will also allow you to discover more of the marvelous waters of Maui. As the beaches are known to be crystal clear and have gentle waves, there is no denying that all of the whale-watching tours are exceptional and will leave your cameras and hearts full!

2 Hour Maui Whale Watch Tour

If you want to experience the whole process of whale watching, you can go for Sea Maui’s 2-Hour Maui Whale Watch Tour. This kind of tour will bring you a different level of whale-watching experience. As you are in the front-row seat, you can see everything these large mammals do in the water. You can expect to see how the whales’ breach, mug, spy hop, blow, pecs slap, tale slap, fluke dive, and if you’re lucky, listen to the whale song. Within this short time, you can witness more whale activities than expected!

West Maui Snorkel Half-Day Adventure

If you feel that two hours is too short of a time in the sea, then perhaps this option may be what you need. With this kind of tour, you are not just limited to whale watching. More than that, you can interact with other marine life creatures as you swim with them! The duration will take four and a half hours, which is available daily starting from 8:30 am. Then, you can enjoy breakfast and lunch and have the option of enjoying either alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks from our open bar. You can enjoy whale watching on your trip from December to April. 

All in all, knowing the answer to the question “is whale watching in Maui worth it?” can be easy if you know what kind of trip you want and what touring company you’d like to assist you with. These factors will determine whether the whale-watching experience you have dreamed of is worth your money or simply not for you. So if you are up to a worthy whale-watching experience, book a tour at Sea Maui today!