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Let the Maui Snorkeling Trips Adventure Begin

maui snorkeling trips

Maui’s sapphire waters are home to abundant and rich marine life that its locals and visitors love. Here you can have great Maui snorkeling trips as you swim among its colorful tropical fish, sea turtles, and seasonal sighting of humpback whales.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert snorkeler, you can enjoy and swim among Maui’s treasured ocean life and waters.

But before you start your adventure, you must first know where to snorkel in Maui island waters. Here we listed a few locations that tours and locals visit to swim with Hawaii’s natural ocean gift.

maui snorkeling trips

Molokini Crater

First is the Molokini Crater. This snorkeling spot is located between the island of Maui and Kahoʻolawe. The island has a unique shape that makes it a perfect spot for snorkeling. Since it has a crescent shape, you can freely swim in water with a few big waves.

Turtle Town

This snorkeling spot is located on the southwestern side of Maui Island near the Makena Landing park. It is also known as Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, as most of the turtle population can be seen here hence its name.

Olowalu Reef

On the northwest side of Maui, you can swim and snorkel in the crowned jewel of the coral reef. Here you can visit the nursery of black tip reef sharks, the colorful tropical sea, and abundant Maui marine life.

Black Rock

Still, you can visit the Black Rock snorkeling site on the western side of Maui. Here you can enjoy swimming among tropical fishes and sea turtles; if you are lucky, you can also spot dolphins.

What to Expect on a Maui Snorkeling Trip

When you plan your snorkeling trip in Maui, it is best to have your expectation set during the trip.


Firstly, you must know that not all snorkeling tours provide equipment for snorkeling for free. Others have them ready for rental. So if you are on a budget and love to snorkel, you can always bring your snorkeling equipment. However, some tours offer snorkeling equipment in their tour packages. So make sure you ask your chosen tours about the snorkeling equipment.


Alot of Maui snorkeling trips provide transportation on their snorkeling tours. These tours will pick you on your location or at their designated pick-up and drop-off area. Their crew will then choose the perfect places for snorkeling, as weather conditions occasionally change. It is best to leave this decision to the experts so you can fully enjoy your snorkel adventure

Expert Snorkeling Tour Guides

During your snorkeling tours, you can expect to get expert tour guides along your trip. They will be the ones who will share the Maui culture and history. Aside from that, you can expect trivia about the marine life you will encounter on your trip.

Food and Drink

Most of the Maui snorkeling tours offer food and drinks on board. Local chefs mostly make the meals, and you are assured that all the foods satisfy your island cravings.

Sea Maui: Your Partner in Maui Snorkeling Adventure

To make your Maui snorkeling trips more memorable, choose Sea Maui snorkeling tours. With us, you are guaranteed to be taken to perfect snorkeling spots in Maui. Aside from that, we also offer snorkeling tours that will fit your budget and time.

We want to make your Maui vacation memorable. So we offer other sea tours you can share with your loved ones, friends, and family. You can choose from our sunset boat cruise, whale-watching tours (from December to April), and more. So book your Maui snorkeling trip with us today!