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Sea Maui Snorkelling: The Best Maui Boat Tours and Sea Turtles Experience

maui boat tours sea turtles

Sea turtles are one of the best attractions you can see on the Hawaiian islands. These sea creatures can be seen freely swimming in the tranquil waters of Hawaii together with other marine life. In addition, sea turtles are known to bring good luck, protection, and endurance to the people in Hawaii, making them a genuine charm and treasure in Maui. So, when it comes to the ideal ocean activity that you should do to see one, a snorkeling exploration in any of the Maui boat tours with sea turtles is what you should try. 

maui boat tours sea turtles

Snorkeling Adventure with the Turtles

One of the must-have experiences that you need to try when you decide to come to Hawaii is the snorkeling activity. It will fill your Hawaiian vacation as you see life underwater, from the tropical fishes to the green sea turtles. And for you to do that, you must schedule a snorkeling tour to see them up close. Now, what makes the snorkeling experience the best when you book at Sea Maui?

Ideal snorkeling location 

Sea Maui can guide you to the best place to snorkel for your Maui boat tours sea turtles experience. We know the best snorkeling sites you can visit on your excursion, as we are very familiar with the Hawaiian island. Some locations included in the tours are Honolua Bay, Cliff House, Oluwalu, Mala Wharf, Makulei’a Bay, and Kapalua Bay.

Capture the moment with an HD camera

Keep the memory with you by capturing your snorkeling adventure throughout the trip. At Sea Maui, we have HD cameras available for everyone so you can take the best photos at the perfect time. Own the memories of being a snorkeller for a day and go home with high-quality photos.

Meals to enjoy on board

Before or after you explore the best sites for your snorkeling activity, it is best that you try on the different meals we provide for all our guests. With the snorkeling Maui boat tours and sea turtles activity, we know that you need food to gain energy. That said, we have prepared menus for both breakfast and lunch to give you that needed boost before your snorkeling adventure. However, do note that menus are subject to change without notice, so it is best that you inform our staff hours prior to the trip if you are allergic to any foods. 

Available drinks in a full open bar

Have the luxury of relaxing and enjoying with a drink in hand before or after the snorkeling experience with our drinks on board. Guests aged 21 years old and above have access to our full open bar. Available alcoholic beverages include vodka, champagne, bourbon, and white wine. As for the nonalcoholic beverages, we have lemonade, soft drinks, water, coffee, and passion orange guava juice.

See the sea turtles in Maui!

Indeed, Maui boat tours with sea turtles are a must-try experience you shouldn’t miss as a tourist. You get to witness the majestic beauty of these sea creatures, vibrant reefs, and other wildlife surprises. So if you want a snorkeling excursion to remember, book our West Maui Snorkel Halfday adventure today!