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The Best Maui Snorkeling Tour That You Will Surely Enjoy

Best Maui Snorkeling Tour

Have the best time of your life by swimming underwater with various marine creatures in the fastest way at a unique location. At Sea Maui, you will surely enjoy the ocean adventure as we tour you to the best places to do snorkeling. We have the best Maui snorkeling tour you will surely enjoy as you meet Hawaii’s ever-magnificent marine species and do whale watching simultaneously. So if you are into underwater ventures, book the West Maui Snorkel Half-Day Adventure at Sea Maui today.

The Best Maui Snorkeling Tour

Among the snorkeling tours that Sea Maui offers to Hawaiian locals and tourists, the best of the best time is the combination of snorkeling and whale watching. As this is one of the must-have Hawaii experiences you need to try, you can expect a lot of unforgettable experiences as we take you on a one-of-a-kind adventure tour.

West Maui Half Day Snorkel & Whale Watch Tour

The West Maui half-day adventure will take place on board our Catamaran. Our reliable and trustworthy captain and crew will assist you to the best sites that you should snorkel to. The tour will begin from Ka’anapali Beach in front of Whaler’s Village near Leilani’s. When you arrive at the destination, you can start searching for the best snorkel site in West Maui. You get to see beautiful marine life there, such as the Hawaiian spinner and bottlenose dolphins, swimming in the vast ocean of Hawaii, and witnessing the magnificent large mammals of the sea.

Snorkeling Activity

As this is the best Maui snorkeling tour you can imagine, expect the best from this adventure. So during the snorkel time, you are provided with the necessary snorkeling equipment so you can best do the activity with your family and friends. Once you are in the water, expect to see the best marine species you have ever seen. Some of these that you can see are tropical fish, green sea turtles, and many others. You can also check out underwater wildlife creatures like reefs and corals up close. If given a chance, you can witness the migration of humpback whales.

Whale Watching Activity

The fun never ends with the West Maui tour, as a whale-watching activity awaits you. In this adventure, you will see different acts humpback whales do in the sea. You can expect to see them do the unimaginable, such as breaching in the water or mugging in the boat. These experiences are one of a kind, so you need to keep an eye on and ready your cameras for some pictures. 

Meals and Drinks on Board

Sea Maui gives you the best Maui snorkeling tour with an unforgettable adventure packed with delicious meals prepared by Cafe Jai. You can choose what type of food you’d like to eat based on the menu. You can also enjoy drinks in the open bar, where a selection of white wine, champagne, bourbon, light rum, dark rum, and vodka are present. If you have kids, they can go for nonalcoholic drinks such as soft drinks, lemonade, passion orange guava juice, water, and coffee. We got everything prepared for you, so enjoy the whole experience.

Nothing can stop you from trying all the adventures that the world has to offer. In that sense, the best Maui snorkeling tour is the adventure you need to take. If you are interested in this wondrous venture, book a tour today at Sea Maui!