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The Best Whale Tours in Maui that You Need to Experience

Whale Tours in Maui

If you are the type of person who likes to try new things, whale tours in Maui are an excellent way to start. These ocean adventures are the best as you can witness stunning creatures the same size as a school bus doing their usual routine in water. With this kind of opportunity, you would surely bring out the nature-lover in you as you witness the largest mammals in the world leap and dive into the water. 

The Best Whale Tours in Maui

Nothing beats the tours that Sea Maui offers to people, especially the whale trips. These incredible adventures happen between December and March at any time of the day. But if your goal is to capture the wondrous beauty of these giant mammals, then the best time to go is late afternoon. Some of Sea Maui’s best whale tours are as follows:

2 Hour Maui Whale Watch Tour

Have the luxury of witnessing the large mammals up close with this two-hour whale tour in Maui. Within this adventure, you can expect to see how whales do breaching, mugging, spy hopping, pecs slapping, tail slapping, fluke diving, the whale song, and the blow. These whale activities would surely blow your mind as these are one-of-a-kind experiences. 

When it comes to the clothes that you need to wear during the tour, Sea Maui requires you to wear the proper clothing so you will be able to have a remarkable and memorable whale-watching experience. Some whale-watching clothing requirements are water hats, light jackets and shorts, convenient shoes, and reef-safe sunscreen to complete the look.

West Maui Snorkel Half-Day Adventure

Whale watching on the boat is fine but swimming with whales is another story. With the West Maui Snorkel Half-Day Adventure, you can be sure that you are making the most of Hawaii’s must-have experience. During the snorkeling activity, you can swim with different and various creatures in crystal clear waters. And one of the most spectacular moments is to see the whales up close under the water. 

During the half-day adventure, you also enjoy the breakfast and lunch that Cafe Jai prepares. Besides the food, you can also access Sea Maui’s premium beers, handcrafted cocktails, and other sweet and tasty beverages. So expect the best from the whale tour in Maui with our tour company.

Sunset Whale-Watching Tours

Witness the whales freely swimming in the sea during sundown. However, as the late afternoon is the best time to take a picture of these majestic creatures, you might enjoy waiting for them to show up. We offer two sunset tours that you will surely enjoy, the Original Sunset Cocktail Cruise on Maui and Sunset Live Music Cruise on Maui.

Original Sunset Cocktail Cruise on Maui

There is no better way to spend your sunset cruise than with cocktail drinks in Maui. So enjoy the best time of your life and casually wait for the whales to surface. Then, ready yourself with the sky’s spectacular colors while simply sipping on the drink Chef Jai has prepared for you. 

Sunset Live Music Cruise on Maui

Whale tours in Maui would only be complete with experiencing the sunset live music cruise. This two-hour trip will give you the best of Maui. You get to jive in the music from the famous local artists while having a fantastic meal and watching the ever-marvelous humpback whales in Maui. So come and jam during the sunsets while whale watching with Sea Maui.

Experience the best whale tours in Maui with us! So book a tour today and give yourself and your loved ones the break you deserve.