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What to Expect on Your Maui Whale Watching Trips

Maui Whale Watching Trips

When it comes to sightseeing, it’s no secret that Maui is one of the best places to go. It is the perfect destination to see the beautiful and majestic large mammals of the sea. You can witness this incredible moment up close as humpback whales splash in the deep blue Hawaiian waters. So make the best out of everything in the Sea Maui’s whale watching trips today.

What to Expect on Your Maui Whale Watching Trips

On a whale-watching trip, you can expect to see whales doing fun and exciting activities that would make your tour the best. During the whale-watching time, you get to witness some one-of-a-kind opportunities that you can only see once in your life. So sit back, relax and enjoy the whole trip with Sea Maui’s trips.

Whale breaching 

One of the most beautiful moments you can expect to experience in a whale watching trip is to see how the humpback whales can breach. When you say breach, it means that most or all of the whale’s body leaves and can be seen on the surface. So ready as the whale’s jump, land, and splash back down the water.

Whale mugging 

Sometimes, whales sidle up your boat or look closely at you. When this happens, the boats should be 100 yards away from the whale so you can have a safe distance from them to not reach or touch them in the first place. Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience and have a better look at the whale by booking Maui whale-watching trips.

Whale spy hopping 

As the name suggests, it is when whales do spy hopping so they can take a glimpse of what is going up on the water’s surface. By this time, you can witness how their entire heads come out of the water to do the spying activity. So be alert about this, as it may happen a few times.

Whale blow 

Just like humans, whales also breathe on the surface now and then. It is estimated that adult humpback whales swim to the water surface every 15 to 20 minutes so they can breathe. And once they live, this is when the whale blow happens. So witness how the fine mist of hot, condensed water reaches a height of up to 20 feet. 

Whale pecs slapping 

It would be an excellent idea to witness a whale slapping its pectoral fin in the water. One of the included whale activities in the Maui whale watching trips is the whale pecs slapping. It is done by the female whale who wants to attract local whale males. So look at the whales and see how the pec can grow up to 16 feet long. 

Whale song

Have you ever heard of whales making noise under the water? If not, then this is the perfect time to do it. Using a hydrophone, you can listen to a whale song instantly. But, of course, you must wait for the right time to hear it.

Whale tail slapping 

Aside from the pecs slapping, whales also do tail slapping to best communicate with the other whales. It is believed that whales do this action to warn off predation or demonstrate aggression. Either way, it is worth watching!

Whale fluke dive

One of the things that you can expect during the Maui whale watching trips is when whales fluke when they dive into the ocean. At this time, the whales are ready to swim deeper into the water with their tails raised in the air, indicating that they are prepared to go. So when this happens, you know that the celebration is over.

Indeed, Maui whale-watching trips are perfect. You can witness how humpback whales can do their usual routine in water. So if you dream of seeing how whales do the breaching, mugging, and such, book yourself a trip online at Sea Maui!