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Welcome Aboard The Sea Maui Private Boat Charters!

maui private boat charters

Spend intimate time with family and friends and enjoy the beauty of Hawaii privately in Maui private boat charters. Perfect for all occasions such as anniversaries, thanksgiving, birthdays, and other occasions you want to spend privately with loved ones. You’ll have the upper hand in deciding the details of your trip. Decide where you want your trip to begin and in which location you want to visit first. Then, plan the activity you want to do the moment you step into the vessel of your private charter. 

There are various activities you can do on a private charter. Some prefer to go snorkeling to wander and see spectacular scenery underwater. You can also go sightseeing over the coastline on Maui, witness whales and dolphins swim along the sea, or have an intimate sunset dinner cruise with family, friends, or loved ones. 

Things all private charters have in common.

The captain and every crew in a private charter have their corresponding rates aboard. The number of crew joining you on your trip depends on the number of people in your celebration. A gratuity of 15% is included in the private charter price. However, you can still give a tip to crews who have given you excellent service during your adventure in a private charter. 

The total number of people allowed in a private charter must be strictly followed. All guests, adults, and children on board are counted. Sea Maui II vessel can cater to up to 48 people, while Sea Maui III can have up to 49 guests. 

Maui Private Boat Charters Categories

Snorkeling Charters

Have a blast exploring what’s beneath sea waters privately with people dear to you. Enjoy a half-day snorkeling adventure guided by an experienced captain, trained lifeguards, and CPR-certified crews. In addition, you can choose from the snorkeling charter that Sea Maui offers. 

Half-day West Maui Snorkeling.

Price/hour: $1200 

Location: West Maui Snorkeling Locations

Xpress Snorkel Tour

Price/hour: $1200 

Location: Mala Wharf

If you want a larger vessel, you can upgrade to Sea Maui II for $1600 per hour. Moreover, you can enjoy your whole escapade with the following:

  • meals for breakfast and lunch;
  • various beverages such as juices, soft drinks, water, coffees, etc.;
  • complete guidance from professionals;
  • free usage of snorkeling gears and equipment; and 
  • a parking space suitable for 4 hours. 

Sunset Charters

Enjoy the majestic sunset scenery while sailing in the vast sea of Hawaii privately with the people close to you with Sea Maui sunset charter cruises. Witness the magnificent landscape of Maui’s neighboring Molokai, Lanai, and Kahoolawe islands. Aside from a picturesque view of a pasted painted sky, you’ll also get to see whales and dolphins that wander over the Maui ocean. 

Select the kind of sunset cruise trip you want from any of the three sunset cruises Sea Maui offers. 

Premium Sunset Cruise with Dinner Tour on Maui

Duration: Approx. 2.5 hours

Availability: Mondays – Sundays

Cost/person:  Adult (Ages 21+) $124

                        Teen (Ages 13-20) $104

                        Child (Ages 3-12) $94

                        Young Child FREE

Original Sunset Cocktail Cruise

Duration: Approx. 2 hours

Availability: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

                    (Tuesday & Thursday, we offer Sunset Live!)

Cost/person:  Adult (Ages 21+) $85

                        Teen (Ages 13-20) $65

                        Child (Ages 3-12) $55

                        Young Child FREE

Starting Price for Private Charter: $3950

Sunset Live Music Cruise 

Duration: Approx. 2 hours

Availability: Tuesday & Thursday

                    (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, we offer our Sunset Cocktail Cruise)

Cost/person:  Adult (Ages 21+) $90

                        Child (Ages 20 and under) $70

Starting Price for Private Charter: $3950

Have a wonderful time with people close to you privately with Sea Maui private charters. Then, book your next adventure with Sea Maui private boat charters. Book with us today!