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What Do You Need to Know about Whale Watching in Maui in January?

whale watching in maui in january

One of the most well-known adventures in Maui in January is whale watching. More and more tourists are expected to visit the island as the whale attraction season has finally come. With several whales present in the vast Maui ocean, there is no doubt that whale watching in Maui in January is an adventure you shouldn’t miss during the first month of the year.

All About Whale Watching

Sea Maui is one of the many tour companies on the island that delivers magnificent ocean trips to interested individuals who love to discover life underwater. As whale watching is the most popular attraction during January, we have listed all the essential things you need to know when you decide to do whale watching.

Perfect Locations to Whale Watch

At Maui, there are several places that you can choose from when it comes to whale watching, from South to West. If you don’t like to ride on a boat, you can be on dry land and watch the whales play on the water. You have to choose the best locations to take a good view of the ever-magnificent mammal from afar. Some of the best spots to go whale watching are:

  • Ka’anapali Beach Walking Path
  • Olowalu
  • Big Beach, aka Makena State Park
  • McGregor Point Lookout
  • Wailea Oceanside Path

Whale Watching Activities

Whales are known to be the heaviest but most unique mammals in the world, as they can lift its body in the water as quickly as they can. With this ability, whale watching is a must-have adventure in January because whales do not come to the island for the whole year. Aside from lurking in the boat, whales can do many things that make the trip more exciting and fun. The things that you can expect the whale to do are:

  • Breaching
  • Mugging
  • Spy Hopping
  • Blow
  • Pecs Slapping
  • Whale Song
  • Tail Slapping
  • Fluke Dive

What to Wear During the Tour

Seeing the marvelous mammal do their great exhibitions in the sea is a lot of fun when you wear the appropriate clothes for the occasion. As it is sunny and windy simultaneously, you must choose the proper clothing and accessories for a comfortable whale-watching tour. As the boat has the right shade not to get caught in the sun, you must also bring the best water hats to have more shade. Pair your hat with light clothing that gives you the right comfortable feeling. You can wear a shirt and shorts if you like. Regarding footwear, you don’t have to wear something extravagant as you can go barefoot in the boat. And, of course, don’t miss a reef-safe sunscreen so you are fully protected from the sun during the whole adventure.

And that’s it! Whale watching in Maui in January is undeniably a good water adventure you should invest in. It does not just allow you to meet up close with the largest mammal in the world; you also get to take a good break from the hassle of life. So have a wonderful stay at Maui, and book a whale-watching tour today!