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What To Do in Maui in February?

what to do in maui in february

Maui is truly a magnificent place to experience the beauty of Hawaiian waters. You may ask yourself what to do in Maui in February. Well, there are several outdoor activities that you can do in the place. And among the many activities available on the island, snorkeling and whale watching are the perennial favorites for locals and tourists. That is why investing your time and money in discovering underwater wonders like marine life and creatures is best. 

At Sea Maui, we have fantastic snorkeling and whale-watching tours for you and your family. So don’t miss the opportunity to spend the month of February in the tranquil waters of Maui.

what to do in maui in february

Water Activities to do in Maui in February

February is the perfect month to go with the waves of Maui. It is an ideal time to enjoy ocean adventures you can only experience in Hawaii thanks to the weather. So spend your vacation on some of the following activities in Maui this February for a lifetime trip. Here are the available tours in store for you by Sea Maui.

Snorkeling Adventure 

Witness the various marine life underwater by diving into the ocean yourself. So put your snorkeling gear on and swim with the magnificent sea creatures of the Pacific sea. At Sea Maui, we have the West Maui Snorkel Half-Day Adventure for you.  

West Maui Snorkel Half-Day Adventure

This tour can take up to four and a half hours and take you to snorkel locations along the West coast of Maui. First, you will get the chance to have a close encounter with beautiful tropical fish, dolphins, turtles, and more. Then, our experienced captain will take you to the famous snorkeling sites on the island, like Honolua Bay, Oluwalu, and more. And once you are done with the snorkeling adventure, you are offered a delicious lunch prepared by Cafe Jai.

Whale Watching Trip 

One of the known trips that you shouldn’t miss in Hawaii is the whale-watching activity. This trip will give you a closer look at the magnificent mammals that congregate yearly in the waters of Hawaii. So book a whale-watching trip at Sea Maui for a two-hour tour. 

2 Hour Maui Whale Watch Tour

There is more to a whale watch tour! If you are looking for a trip that allows you to view the ever-majestic humpback whales of Maui, this tour is for you. There will never be a dull moment with this must-do activity, as you can witness how whales do their different tricks in the water, such as breaching, mugging, spy hopping, and more. Since it will be for two hours, we recommend to wear appropriate clothing to feel comfortable during the show. And if you feel thirsty, you can always ask for a drink in our open bar.

As you already know what to do in Maui in February, it is time to book a tour as early as now since this month is a peak season. So if you plan to spend your vacation at Maui, book a snorkel or whale watch with us for a memorable ocean adventure.