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What To Do in Maui Island


Maui is one of the best places in the world where you get to do a variety of tourist activities. If you’re thinking about visiting the island and setting up an itinerary of what to do on Maui Island and where to go, we’ve listed a few of the most popular activities. 

As an island, there are lots to do, such as sea adventures like snorkeling, whale watching, and sunset sailing. And fortunately, these activities are offered by Sea Maui, and we are very much delighted to tour you through the vast sea of Maui with our years of experience.

what to do in maui island

The Best Ocean Adventures to do on Maui Island

Sea Maui has been delivering the island’s best adventures for local and foreign visitors during their vacations. These adventures are the best way to experience Maui, whether you want to witness the beauty from afar or if you want to fully immerse yourself. Check out the following activities to learn more about them.


Booking a snorkeling activity at Sea Maui is one of the best things you can do if you’re thinking of what to do on Maui Island. This underwater activity allows you to see and meet the magnificent sea creatures of the Pacific Sea. Not just that, but you are also able to witness the grand ocean beauty of Hawaii, where surprising wonders await you. Some of Sea Maui’s snorkeling tours are as follows:

  • West Maui Snorkel Half-Day Adventure
  • Xpress Snorkel Tour on Maui
  • Afternoon West Maui Snorkel Tour

Whale watching

Are you an avid fan of humpback whales and want to see them in their natural state? Sea Maui offers a two-hour whale-watching tour to interested individuals who want to witness the magnificent mammal of the sea. Since the whales congregate in Hawaiian waters in the months of December to April, it is best to book in advance. 

Sunset sailing

The sunset is always something worth witnessing, even more so when you’re in the Pacific. That said, riding a boat and witnessing the beauty of the sunset while you’re at it is another thing that should be on your list of what to do on Maui Island. This activity will also let you know that there’s more to Hawaii than just what you see underwater. So book a sunset tour for your itinerary! 

Try the Best Sea Activities at Sea Maui

When it comes to fun activities in Maui, Sea Maui offers a variety of options. Our boat tours take you to the best snorkeling, whale watching, or sunset sailing locations. We know the right places to go since Maui has been our home for the past years. So come and book any of the mentioned adventures to better see Maui with us. Want to know more about what to do on Maui Island? Contact us today!