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Choose Sea Maui Private Charter Boats For Your Next Ocean Adventure

private maui boat tours

Sea Maui is considered the top charter company that delivers the best charter experience to both tourists and locals. The Maui private charter boats are designed to add an extra special touch to those who wish to celebrate their special occasions in the tranquil waters of Hawaii. Plus, it’s undeniable that boarding a private charter makes the experience more extravagant. Therefore, if you are planning your next adventure at sea, choosing a charter boat from Sea Maui is a must. And if you’re wondering why, we’ve listed the reasons in this article. 

maui private charter boats

Private Charter Boats Details

Exploring Hawaii’s beauty is best done with a private charter. In fact, booking one is an ideal investment to make special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries even more special. And since it is a private charter, you get to decide the details of your trip, from the locations up to the ocean activities you plan to do. 

  • Duration

Since you get to decide on the entire trip, the duration actually depends on you. In simple terms, the time spent on the Maui private charter boats varies depending on how long you want your trip to last.

  • Price

It’s undeniable that getting a private charter boat to celebrate a special occasion or vacation can be expensive. However, it is a price that we can assure you is worth it since it offers a luxurious experience on the beautiful seas of Hawaii. The boat’s price starts at $3000 and can then vary depending on the preferences and additional booking details.

  • Availability

To arrange a private charter, we highly recommend calling first to check availability. By doing so, you can ensure that a boat will be reserved for you on your preferred date. So if you plan to book one, call us first before anything else. 

  • Inclusion

One of the best things about availing of any of the Maui private charter boats at Sea Maui is the exclusive catering service provided during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You have the option to choose the kind of Pupu menu and dishes you wish to savor. 

Ocean Activities to do in Private Charter Boats

You can enjoy three things when you avail of a private charter in Maui. Aside from pure sailing, you can also try different activities using the charter boat, such as snorkeling, sunset viewing, and whale watching. These ocean activities are truly worth trying out.


An underwater adventure will make your private charter boat experience more unforgettable. With snorkeling, you get to witness and interact with a tremendous variety of sea creatures. More than that, our fully experienced captain will guide you and bring you to the best locations for the snorkeling trip to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Sunset seeing

You may have witnessed many sunsets in your life. But how about witnessing the sunset in the Pacific? Now, that’s something you can truly cherish and brag about. And what better way to enjoy the Pacific sunset than by witnessing it while you’re on a Maui private charter boat? 

Whale watching

Have you ever seen large majestic mammals in the water with your very own eyes? If not, a whale-watching activity would surely make your trip extra special. You get front-row seats while witnessing how whales perform their show in the Hawaiian islands on a private charter boat. 

Call to Book a Private Charter Boat

Maui private charter boats are designed to cater to and give tourists the best experience they could ever have in the wonderful waters of Hawaii. As such, we can guarantee that they are an ideal choice when you want to have an unforgettable celebration on a cruise with your family and friends. At Sea Maui, we are delighted to welcome you for your next ocean adventure with us. Book a private charter now and begin your journey!