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Ocean Adventures You Can Enjoy on Private Charters Maui

private charter maui

Make your short stay on the island extra special with a charter boat. You get to explore and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hawaii when you take charge of the whole trip. You can choose where to go and what activities to do by booking private charters in Maui! And at Sea Maui, we have three things that you can enjoy doing when you book yourself a charter.

private charter maui

Private Charters Maui: Snorkeling Adventures Await!

What better way to enjoy your private charter in the middle of the sea than by immersing yourself in the surrounding waters? This is a must-have ocean activity to discover the vast sea and its living creatures. During your snorkeling adventure, you see the many life underwater, such as the green sea turtles, tropical fishes, coral reefs, and even the bottlenose dolphins. So if you wish to explore the ocean without leaving the surface, try the snorkeling excursion today! 

Here are the snorkeling adventures that you can take with a private charter:

  • Half-Day West Maui Snorkeling
  • Xpress Snorkel or 2-hour Whale Watch

Sunset sailing to the fullest

The sunset sailing trip in Hawaii is best enjoyed when you can book any of our private charters in  Maui. You can witness the breathtaking view of the water and scenery of the place as you look into the nearby islands. You can also indulge yourself in the handcrafted drinks and savory foods prepared by our very own chef on board, Chef Jai. 

Here is the list of the sunset sailing activities available with the private charter:

  • Private Sunset Cruise with Dinner Tour
  • Original Sunset Cocktail Cruise
  • Sunset Live Music Cruise

Whale-watching for hours

Witness how the large mammals of the ocean jump and play in their natural habitat. With private charters in Maui, you can enjoy this must-do activity for hours. And since you are the one deciding on the location, you can maneuver the charter to whatever place you want to go and best witness the show as much as you like. So, enjoy the luxury you have with the sailing vessel and capture the moment you have done a whale-watching activity with your friends and family.

The available whale watching tour that Sea Maui offers is the 2-Hour Maui Whale Watch Tour, which is in between December to April. 

Book a Private Charter for Your Ocean Adventure!

Undoubtedly, an adventure in the sea is one of the best activities you need to try now and then. Aside from the fact that it boosts your physical fitness, you also discover many things from underwater life and marine biology in general. So, if you are interested in snorkeling, sunset sailing, or whale watching, you can book some private charters on Maui for a better ocean adventure experience!