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Outdoor Adventures in Maui that You Need to Try

Maui is a beautiful place to do activities with your family and friends. With its vast blue ocean and captivating scenery, you can’t say no to exploring outdoor adventures in Maui during your short stay. You can do various things that will introduce you to life at sea and discover marine creatures that you thought you could only see in magazines or TV. With that, here are some activities you need to try while on the island of Maui. 

outdo or adventures in maui

Sea Maui Outdoor Adventures

Sea Maui has been one of the best touring companies on Maui island for years. We offer a great ocean experience that you will never forget. With this beautiful place, we have prepared many activities you can try to have the most memorable time of your life and discover Maui to the fullest. Our outdoor adventures include whale watching, snorkeling, and sunset cruise sailing. 

Whale Watching

One of the most anticipated activities on Maui island is whale watching. As the large mammals only come to the Hawaiian island from December to April, you can try this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. First, you choose what kind of whale-watching tour you want to try and ride. Then, together we’ll wait for the whales to come up to the surface and display their tricks. So make sure to ready yourself and your camera to take a picture as a souvenir. Most importantly, don’t forget to wear appropriate clothing to comfortably do this outdoor adventure without restraining you from moving around. 


Snorkeling is another way to enjoy the outdoors of Maui and to experience its crystal clear waters fully. This activity will allow you to meet the marine creatures up close and swim with them as much as you like. And as there are three snorkeling options that you can choose from, you can make most of your stay in Maui a lot more different. The available snorkel cruises you can try are the West Maui Half Day Snorkel Adventure, Afternoon West Maui Snorkel Tour, and Xpress Snorkel Tour. 

Sunset Cruise Sailing

Who doesn’t like watching the sunset by the sea as you wind down after a busy day of swimming? With the sunset cruise sailing adventure, you can use your time chilling in one of our catamarans while washing your problems away. And as sunset is always a magical hour in Maui, you can enjoy the humbling panoramic views of the island and the sea creatures underneath the watercraft. Choose among the three sunset cruises: Premium Sunset Dinner Cruise, Original Sunset Cocktail Cruise, and Sunset Live Music Cruise.

Doing outdoor adventures in Maui is a beautiful experience you shouldn’t miss. So pack your things now and get a short break on the beautiful island of Maui. Decide what activity you’d like to do and book an adventure for you and your family at Sea Maui today!