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Sea Maui Adventures: Best Of Maui Hawaii

maui adventures best of maui

Swim, sail, snorkel, and go whale watching with Sea Maui Adventures, best of Maui Hawaii! The sun, the sea, and Maui’s magnificent island vibe will give you the best Hawaiian adventure on your vacation. You are guaranteed to create the best memories, whether you’re looking for adventures for yourself, your family, loved ones, or friends. We listed a few of the best Maui adventures you can explore during your stay. We swear that each adventure is a must when visiting Hawaii!

Whale Watching

First on the list will be whale watching. This most awaited annual migration of whales will highlight your adventure in Maui. These magnificent mammals migrate together annually in Hawaiian ocean waters for their winter migration. Thus, it is a must-do activity that you should not miss. You can choose to stay on Maui’s shore and observe the whales from dry land or go on a Maui whale watch tour on the water. One great thing about whale watching is that even by standing on the beach shore, you can get some of the best whale-watching views. However, Sea Maui offers a two-hour whale-watching adventure if you want to experience more up-close whale-watching.


Dive into the waters of Hawaii ocean waters and swim with its stunning sea life and sea creatures. This experience will guarantee an unforgettable one. Along this sea adventure, you might get a chance to sight Hawaiian spinners and bottlenose dolphins. If you are lucky, during winter months, you might also witness the humpback whale migration in the Maui Sea. Sea Maui has created several snorkeling packages that suit your taste and time.

Sea Maui Snorkeling Adventures

  • Xpress-snorkel
  • Afternoon West Maui Snorkel Tour
  • West Maui Snorkel Half-Day Adventure

Sunset Cruise

What could be better after spending a long day at Maui Island and relaxing on a cruise in the afternoon seeing its fascinating sunset? Witnessing the glittering and ever-changing sunset in Hawaii’s sky will forever be one of the best things to experience on your vacation.

You can start sailing in the afternoon and spend it on a splendid cocktail cruise by the sea while waiting for the sun to set. There are several options that you can take with the Sea Maui sunset cruise, and these are:

  • Premium Maui Sunset Cruise with Dinner Tour
  • Original Sunset Cocktail Cruise on Maui
  • Sunset Live Music Cruise on Maui

Be ready to get overwhelmed by the breathtaking sight of a pastel-colored painted sky. During your cruise, you can also enjoy Chef Jai’s pupus. Aside from being dazzled by the grand Hawaiian sunset, during winter months, you can also get the chance to spot whales. So get your cameras ready to capture their beauty.

Whatever adventure you choose, you are promised to enjoy every minute with Sea Maui adventures. So book your adventure today and create new memories with Sea Maui Adventures, best of Maui Hawaii!