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What To Do On Maui In December?

what to do on maui in december

Did you know that December is the best month to visit Maui? It is an ideal month to spend your vacation and holiday as Maui offers events and adventures on its shore and sea. Also, being far from the cold weather, Maui, Hawaii, will comfort you with its temperature in the 80s, which rarely drops below 70 at night. So if you have plans to visit Hawaii and are wondering what to do on Maui in December, we listed a few things you can experience. It will be the most exciting and fun event you can experience during your island vacation!

Whale Watching

Whale migration season officially begins on December 15, which marks the official start of whale season for many whale-watching boats. More and more whales are showing up in the waters around Maui Nui, so keep your eyes peeled. Whale watching is also one of the best things to do on Maui in December. Thousands of humpback whales will migrate from Alaska to Hawaii to mate and give birth. So during this time, many tour boats offer whale-watching cruises. This sea adventure is one of the best ways to be up close to our ocean’s gentle giants. You can also easily spot whales from land and hear them singing underwater! Usually, whale sightings peak from January to March. But there are still plenty of whales to be found in Maui’s waters in December.

Holiday Events 

Other than whale-watching, December on Maui is all about its tropical holiday events! Santa often visits Maui in December on his canoe instead of his traditional sleigh. You can expect holiday events, craft fairs, and concerts during this time of the year. In addition, you can purchase locally hand-made artwork that make for unique Christmas gifts. You can even check with your accommodation or look into the local newspapers for the schedules of these holiday events during your stay.

The Lighting of the Banyan Tree

Each year in December here in Maui, Lahaina’s iconic banyan tree will be lit up for the holiday season. This festive ceremony will also feature holiday arts and crafts from local artists and businesses. In addition, there will be live entertainment from featured artists and children’s activities throughout the day. You can visit the Lahaina Banyan Tree for its festive tree-lighting ceremony. Lahainaluna High School Band will provide the music to make the night more colorful and entertaining.

Santa’s Arrival via Outrigger Canoe 

One of the most anticipated events in Maui will be the arrival of Santa Claus on the Island. However, there is a fun twist. He will not arrive in his sleigh but by a canoe. He is usually expected to arrive in front of West Maui and South Maui. After Santa docks his canoe, you can take photos with your family! 

Aside from these events in December, you can always enjoy all the other island adventures. If you are still unsure what to do on Maui in December, you can check out our other Sea Maui adventures for an island experience this December!