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The Best Snorkeling In Maui In December

best snorkeling in maui in december

Maui Island is near the equator, so the temperatures don’t vary much throughout the year. This means that you will be far from the freezing temperature of the north. December is also one of the months of the year when the water is calmest and clearest, a great indication to witness the sea life while snorkeling. Still unsure how to get the best out of snorkeling in Maui in December? Well, you are in the right place for Sea Maui offers one of the best snorkeling tours on the island. We listed the snorkeling tours you can take while vacationing in Hawaii.

Xpress Snorkel Tour on Maui

Sea Maui offers a short and sweet adventure to those who want to experience other island adventures in a day. The Xpress snorkel is one of the best Snorkel tours to experience Maui’s marvelous waters. You will get a chance to see and be up close to the island’s treasured sea life and ocean creatures! Additionally, Sea Maui has a boat with an open-air layout. It provides a 360-degree view so our guests can see seasonal whale sightings, dolphins, and other grand sightings while at sea. Not to mention, Xpress Snorkel Tour adventure is unique to Sea Maui, and we offer the fastest option to get our guests from the beach and straight to snorkeling in no time.

Afternoon West Maui Snorkel Tour

If your taste calls for a more relaxing snorkeling adventure, Sea Maui also offers an afternoon snorkel tour. You can catch the splendid afternoon sun at sea while admiring the majestic dolphins chasing ocean waves in the wake of Sea Maui’s boat’s path. This tour can also give you a closer scenic view of humpback whales catching their breath on the sea surface after gathering their meal. You can also chill with the turtles while admiring the charm of the corals, fishes, and afternoon sea breeze.

West Maui Snorkel Half-Day Adventure

Sea Maui will fill your Maui vacation with unforgettable half-day snorkeling experiences like Sea Maui’s West Maui Snorkel Adventure. Our guest will begin their snorkeling adventure from Ka’anapali Beach, which is located in front of Whaler’s Village near Leilani’s. After which, you will be set off in search of West Maui’s best snorkel site. Our captain and crew are experts in knowing the best spot to snorkel. Aside from filling your eyes with wonderful Maui sea life, your taste buds will be satisfied with Cafe Jai’s meals.

Maui Snorkeling Spots

Depending on the day’s weather and the captain’s judgment on where you can fully find the best spot to dive and snorkel, you can visit these famous Maui snorkeling spots.

  • Molokini Crater
  • Black Rock
  • La Perouse
  • Honolua Bay
  • Coral Gardens
  • Ahihi Bay
  • Kapalua & Napili Bays
  • Mokapu
  • Coast of Lana’i Island

You can never go wrong with whatever snorkeling package you choose from our Sea Maui, as it has the best snorkeling in Maui in December. So set your appointment with us today to dive and be up close and personal with Maui’s exotic sea life and creatures!