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The Best Whale Watching In Maui In December

whale watching in maui in december

Whale watching in Maui in December officially starts its season. All Maui guests and locals can witness the spectacular sighting of the gentle giants near the coast of Maui. Everyone will surely be in awe while witnessing the humpback whale as they come to the surface.

While you can witness whales all around Maui, Hawaii, there’s a spot between Maui, Kaho’olawe, and Lanai called the Maui Nui Basin that will be a perfect spot to be on a cruise and snorkel too. About half of the humpback whale population travels through the Maui waters annually to breed.

The Whales

The whales’ yearly migration in Hawaii happens between November and March, passing through the North Pacific Ocean. Maui’s whale season usually begins in the months of October and November. By the month of December, Maui will officially declare it as the whale season. The peak season for whale watching is in February.

Moreover, the North Pacific humpback whales are considered the 5th largest whale species worldwide. The newborn whale calves weigh about 2000 lbs, and grown whales can weigh around 50000 and 80000 lbs. The humpback whales travel to the ocean waters of Hawaii to breed, give birth, and raise their calves. Since the whales have eleven to twelve pregnancies, the little calves will be birth in the waters of Hawaii islands.

Whale Watching Tips

Whales can be seen from the Maui shore, but it would be better to witness them on a cruise. Therefore, booking a whale watch tour can give you a closer and more personal look at the whales. To start, you can visit Sea Maui’s available whale-watching cruise for the months of December to April.

Aside from getting an excellent view, you will learn more about these beautiful creatures from the naturalists on board these Sea Maui whale tours. Therefore, booking a whale tour early in the day is highly recommended since most of the schedule will easily book in December. However, each day is different. It is not guaranteed that the guests can see the sea’s gentle giants every time. Each tour mainly depends on the weather.

Maui’s morning ocean waves are usually calm, and the afternoons are windy. Therefore, we recommend that our guests get a morning schedule. Aside from that, the whale watch tour would be easier in the morning than in the windy afternoon.

During your whale-watching tour, you must stay above the deck and look at the ocean surface to avoid getting seasick or nauseous. If you are prone to being seasick, you can take medication for nausea.

More importantly, always listen to our tour captain and crew when you look out at the seawater to see a whale catch them as they surface. You might not see the whales first, but you will hear them as they blow air out of their blowholes. You can’t miss them as they will create a loud sound. Once a humpback whale flukes, you see its tail, and it will go underwater. 

To get the best whale watching tour, Sea Maui offers the best whale watching in Maui in December. So set your schedule today and witness the breathtaking whales in Maui, Hawaii.