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Whale Watching Maui in January: The Best of Sea Maui

whale watching maui january

January is the month for whale watching. With this regard, people flock to the island to see the beautiful mammals swim in the vast ocean of Maui. And since it is the time when whales appear most throughout the year, you should visit the place and do whale watching in Maui in January with your family, friends, and someone special. In there, allow yourself to relax, have fun and sightsee the humpback whales as they do their natural activities in the Hawaiian waters. 

Whale Watch with Sea Maui

Sea Maui has been delivering the best touring service in the Hawaiian sea. With its years of expertise in the vast ocean, you can be sure that your whale-watching experience is an excellent choice to make. Aside from the whale-watching activity, Sea Maui ensures your eyes and tummy are full of amazing views and delicious food. Here are the things that you can expect on the trip.

Whale Watching Activity

Whale watching activity is the main attraction of the trip. The trip is approximately two hours and is available every day at 8 am, 11 am, and 2 pm from December 15th to April 15th. These days, you have all the time to do the activity anytime you like. During the trip, you can observe the whales in the tranquil waters of Maui’s west and south locations. 

View by the Sea

There is no better way to release stress than simply taking a break in a Sea Maui boat and sitting with your loved ones. As Maui has one of the best waters in the world, you can have a great time by doing a sightseeing tour like no other. That said, you can have some of the best whale-watching opportunities to take a photo or enjoy the view the way you like it.

Sea Maui Menus

The best thing you can enjoy during the whale-watching trip with Sea Maui is the food we prepare just for you. The menus depend on what trip you’d like to go to. As there are different kinds of trips available for whale watching, feel free to choose what menu you’d want to devour. For example, two menus are laid for you on the Sunset Live Music Cruise. It is the Pupu menu and the Vegetarian Pupu menu. Suppose you want something to drink; no need to worry. We have alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available that you can enjoy during the trip.

Truly, Maui is an excellent place to visit when you decide to have your short vacation on the beautiful island. It has all the best places to watch the whale swim in the water and play with the other mammals. So, experience a great activity during your stay and have a trip like whale watching Maui in January. You will love to take on an incredible adventure you will never forget. To know more about Sea Maui trips, call us today to learn more.