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Snorkeling with Maui’s Majestic Sea Turtles

a body of water

Snorkeling in the afternoon is the best choice if you want to try snorkeling with Maui’s majestic sea turtles crystal clear. The captivating marine life in Maui is best enjoyed later as the weather is just fine for the activity.

Feel the summer vibe and start your snorkeling adventure under the scorching sun. Make it better by enjoying the excursion with the people you love!

a body of water

Exploring and Snorkeling with Maui’s Majestic Sea Turtles

Diving underwater is a revitalizing experience that relieves all your stress for the week. To make it better, you also enjoy countless sightings of Maui’s adorable sea turtles. That being said, we’ll guide you through and make this excursion fun and possible. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready and start unveiling what awaits you underwater!

Afternoon West Maui Snorkel Tour

Not a morning person? The Afternoon Snorkel tour is the best choice for you. You don’t need to wake up early and feel lazy to do things. For this ocean adventure, you can do your snorkeling excursion in the afternoon for 3.5 hours. Moreover, you can go snorkeling with Maui’s majestic sea turtles better in this setting where it’s sunny, and the waters are clearer.

Here’s a list of prices you can take note of:

  • Adult (Ages 21+) – $144
  • Teen (Ages 13 – 20) – $124
  • Child (Ages 3 – 12) – $94
  • Young Child – FREE

On top of that, we also possess traits that make us an ideal choice. Here’s why:

Professional Crew

Our team also comprises professionals with the utmost expertise, mainly in diving. We also ensure that our team is CPR-certified to provide better safety to our lovely guests. So feel free to enjoy our company and everything that Maui offers. You’ll never feel alone, and that’s what we have been proving to our guests.

Quality Catamarans

Our catamarans are boats with two hulls interconnected with a bridge deck where most activities are done. Furthermore, it’s an ideal boat on a wavy afternoon since it’s designed to reduce wave-induced motion and use only a small amount of power for propulsion. So you’ll have the best time snorkeling with Maui’s majestic sea turtles once you reach the ideal snorkeling spots with this reliable catamaran.

Snorkeling Equipment is Provided

At Sea Maui, we ensure our equipment is well provided for our guests. So you don’t need to worry about obtaining your snorkeling gear. You snorkel; we provide the essentials for you. In this way, we give you the utmost convenience whenever you engage in our activities. Also, we provide reef-safe sunscreen for your skin’s protection just in case you need it.

Final Thoughts

Whether new to snorkeling or not, this excursion will be fun and challenging for anyone. Safety-wise, our team will always stay caught up when you start the adventure. So if you’re interested in our afternoon adventure, consider booking a slot today so you don’t miss out on this wonderful sea excursion during your short trip to Maui!