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The Best Snorkel Trip On Maui That You Shouldn’t Miss

best snorkel trip maui

Maui island is near Coral Gardens, Turtle Town, and Molokini Crater. It is considered the perfect location in Hawaii for the best snorkel trip on Maui. Many Maui snorkel tours have been on a great pace of business because of the easy and fast access to the best snorkeling spots in Maui. After all, it is the kind of adventure that never gets old. It catches the eye of many tourists who are up for a great experience on their trip to Hawaii. A living testament to Sea Maui’s prime years in providing visitors with cruises, snorkeling, and other water activities.

Your fastest way to have access and enjoy snorkeling in Maui at the perfect location is through Sea Maui’s Xpress Snorkel Tour. The best way to explore what is beneath sea waters and the majestic sea creatures that live in the vast ocean. Aside from snorkeling, the vessel’s 360-degree view gives you the best spot for seasonal whale sightings, dolphins, and the breathtaking scenery your eyes can reach while having a unique sailing experience with Sea Maui. 

Our snorkeling tour caters to all types of snorkelers, both beginners and experienced snorkelers. Visitors of all ages and swimming skill levels are welcome to the distinctive experience of snorkeling. Every guest will be assisted by our crew, starting from how to put on gears up to giving advice on how you can enhance your freediving skills. 

Even guests with a fear of water and those without prior experience in snorkeling can join and experience the fun. However, we require basic swimming abilities for every guest who desires to do snorkeling. Furthermore, we ensure to cater to all types of snorkelers to provide you personalized experience to make the best out of your adventure with us. 

Things you can expect in Sea Maui Xpress Snorkeling Tour

Aside from your enjoyment, our other top priorities would be your safety and preserving the Hawaiian seas and all their wonders. Responsible snorkeling is what we continually practice at Sea Maui. It’s one of the least intruding yet the most intimate interactions possible you will get to experience in the Hawaiian sea.

Sea Maui’s snorkeling tours are designed to revitalize your sense of discovery and the joy of learning that comes with wandering the underwater world first-hand. Your snorkeling begins early, at 8 am. However, before we are off to explore what’s beneath the sea, all guests will undergo snorkeling lessons. It includes tips and techniques to enhance existing snorkeling skills. Furthermore, aside from snorkeling lessons, we also conduct a marine biology briefing. It is to help you determine various water species, know about them, and enjoy the sightings of different corals, fish, turtles, and everything that lives underwater. 

In addition, don’t forget to bring your essentials when going on the best snorkel trip on Maui! Be sure to bring waterproof sunblock, a visor or hat, and a towel to protect you from the sun’s piercing rays. Also, wear bikinis underneath your clothes and footwear that is easy to remove. 

When everything is all set, you’re off to go on a beautiful snorkeling experience with Sea Maui. We can’t wait to see you on the best snorkel trip on Maui. So book a trip with us today!