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Whale Activities That You Can Expect During Your Whale Watching on Maui

Whale Watching on Maui

Whale watching is an incredible experience that allows you to see the giant sea creatures swim and play in their natural habitat. If you have a short stay in Hawaii, one sea adventure you won’t want to miss is whale watching on Maui. At Sea Maui, you can witness magnificent mammals gathering in the Hawaiian waters. Plus, you’ll have access to our premium open bar, offering a variety of complimentary drinks and more. So make the most of your time in Hawaii and book a truly unforgettable whale-watching experience.

Whale Watching on Maui

Whale Watching Activities in Sea Maui Trip

Get ready for a whale-watching experience you’ll never forget with Sea Maui. This must-do activity is well worth the cost, as you’ll have the chance to witness the full range of whale behaviors beyond just swimming in the vast waters around Maui.¬†

Watch in awe as whales effortlessly carry out their usual activities in the serene waters of West Maui. You may witness them breaching, mugging, spy hopping, blowing, pec and tail slapping, fluke diving, and even hear their whale songs. These are some of the most exciting activities you can experience during whale watching on Maui, so be sure to keep your eyes wide open so you don’t miss a thing.


Have you ever witnessed a whale leaping out of the water and splashing back down? If not, then now is the perfect opportunity to see this unexpected behavior, known as breaching. Some whales jump and land, while others may flip or turn before plunging back into the water.


Be prepared for a truly glorious moment during your trip – the opportunity to see humpback whales up close as they approach the boat. You’ll be able to observe these magnificent sea mammals in all their glory without restrictions.

Spy Hopping

Spy hopping might be the cutest of all the adorable behaviors you might see during your whale watching on Maui. It is when a whale sticks its head out of the water, allowing you to see them peeking above the surface. 


The most iconic behavior of whales is the blow, which you will surely see during your whale watching on Maui. Since whales need to breathe every 15 to 20 minutes, you’ll see a fine mist of hot, condensed water shooting out of their blowhole. Seeing a blow is a convenient way to spot whales, no matter where you are in the waters off Maui.

Pecs Slapping

Female whales attract males by slapping their pectoral fins on the water’s surface. Prepare your camera for a great shot when you see this repetitive behavior.

Whale Song

Want to know how whales create sound? First, use a hydrophone to listen to their underwater song, a regular and patterned sound produced by whales. Then, try out this whale watching on Maui activity.

Tail Slapping

If you’re not impressed by pecs slapping, you won’t want to miss tail slapping – an incredible whale activity. It involves sea mammals creating a gunshot-like sound that can be heard from both the sea and the shore.

Fluke Dive

The final act of whales is arching their bodies upside-down and raising their tails entirely out of the water. It signals the show’s end, as they will soon go for a deep dive, leaving the surface.

Whale watching on Maui is a must-do activity that will take your breath away. Book a tour with Sea Maui if you want to see these majestic sea creatures up close.