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What Adventures To Do in Maui

a large body of water next to the ocean

Maui is a wonderful destination to experience several sea adventures. It is a perfect place to discover a new hobby, as the Hawaiian waters are calm and majestic. With the right choice of activity, it will boost your confidence in the water and will also help you to discover yourself and life underwater. And with so many fun adventures to do in Maui, you might be overwhelmed by the many choices that are laid in front of you. That is why we have listed all the exciting, fun things you want to try while staying on the island. 

a large body of water next to the ocean

Try the Ocean Adventures in Maui

To truly enhance your Maui vacation, it is essential to indulge in the myriad ocean activities available. Here are some activities you can delve into during your trip to fabulous Hawaii for a worthy vacation tour.

Sunset Sailing

One of the best activities that you can do in Maui is sunset sailing. It is definitely an exciting adventure to do in Maui as you get to ride on a 65-foot luxury catamaran while witnessing the magnificent sunsets.You will surely enjoy the whole trip as you will be seated in the front row with some handcrafted cocktails on your hand and a seafood cuisine prepared just for you. So have the time to relax and have fun with a sunset cruise from Sea Maui.

  • Premium Maui Sunset Cruise with Dinner
  • Original Sunset Cocktail Cruise on Maui
  • Sunset Live Music Cruise on Maui


Have you ever tried snorkeling in Hawaii? If not, this is the perfect time to try this water adventure. At Sea Maui, we have created the best Maui snorkeling tours suitable for Hawaiian visitors and locals. You can choose among the many tours that are well-suited to your style. So explore the stunning waters of Hawaii with a snorkeling tour with Sea Maui. 

  • West Maui Snorkel Half Day Adventure
  • Xpress Snorkel Tour on Maui
  • Afternoon West Maui Snorkel Tour

Whale watching

Witnessing the whales play on the water is one of the best experiences you should try. As whales do not show up daily, you should book a whale-watching tour in the Maui islands. With the help of a reliable touring agency like Sea Maui, we can give you the best experience for the top adventure to do in Maui. So join us onboard our spacious catamaran as we search for the magnificent creatures in their winter playground.

  • 2 Hour Whale Watching Tour

Book an ocean adventure with us!

Sea Maui has been serving the tourists and locals of the Hawaiian islands. We provide snorkeling, whale watching, and sunset sailing tours worth your money. So gather your family and friends and try out any of our featured sea activities. Make memories that will last for a lifetime with us. Check out the adventures to do in Maui through our website and book a schedule while it’s still early!