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What is There To Do in Maui for Families?

What is There To Do in Maui for Families

There is no doubt Hawaii offers the best island adventure in the world. With that, it’s an ideal place to bond with your family while on A short vacation. But if you’re still thinking “what is there to do in Maui for families,” then we assure you that we at Sea Maui offer sunset cruises for your enjoyment. With our tours, you will experience a world-class adventure, and witness magnificent sceneries and crystal-clear waters like no other. So what are you waiting for? Hop on a Catamaran tour with us, and you will surely enjoy a sunset you’ll never forget! 

Sea Maui’s Sunset Tours for Families

A sunset tour with your family in Maui is an authentic relaxation experience. Without a doubt, you will have a great time witnessing the beauty of the nearby islands. With our experienced and skilled sailors, you’re sure to have a smooth sailing adventure. At Sea Maui, we have three sunset cruises that you can choose from, Premium, Original and Live Music.

Premium Maui Sunset Cruise with Dinner

Our premium Maui Sunset Cruise gives you a dining and sailing experience like no other. During your premium tour, you are very much welcome in the stunning Sea Maui III. It is a 65-foot luxury catamaran recently renovated to give you the best sunset experience. So take a sunset cruise with a spacious cabin full of quality beers and a splendid buffet-style menu for your dinner at the premium sunset cruise with Sea Maui.

Original Sunset Cocktail Cruise on Maui

If you want to go for a classic sunset cruise, Sea Maui’s sunset cocktail cruise is the way to go. This tour will give you a chance to get the best view of the spectacular pastel colors of the sunset on the island. You can also get the opportunity to spot the enormous humpback whales playing in the waters. And with this tour, you can enjoy the handcrafted cocktails from our premium bar and local breweries. You can also savor the meals Cafe Jai prepares during the trip.

Sunset Live Music Cruise on Maui

Music and the beach – a combination you’re sure to enjoy. At Sea Maui’s live music cruise, you get to enjoy the music played by the local artists while you are on board. While listening, you can also sip through unique handcrafted cocktails and other delectable food to fill your tummy, all the while enjoying the breathtaking view of the sunset. Indeed, live sunset music is the perfect tour to end your day on Maui on a good note. 

If you are looking for “what is there to do in Maui for families,” you can never go wrong with a sunset tour. This cruise with your family is the best adventure you should do this year! Rest assured that it will be a magical and extravagant memory thanks to the incredible ambiance, weather, and water. And what better way to experience all of those than with your family, right? So remember, Maui is the way to go for a sunset destination. So make sure to book yourself and your family a trip today!