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Celebrate Special Occasions with a Private Catamaran Charter on Maui!

Private Catamaran Charter Maui

Spending some time in a private catamaran charter Maui during a special occasion is something that you should do once in a while. Aside from making the extra event special with the extravagant-looking boat, riding a catamaran allows you to explore the beauty of Hawaii privately. With a private charter, you can enjoy the scenery beneath the waters comfortably since you have booked the boat exclusively for you and your family. So book a Catamaran at Sea Maui if you want to celebrate privately. 

Ride on the Sea Maui Private Charter

Booking a private catamaran charter for a special occasion gives you all the right to decide which place in Maui you want to go to. You have full authority when it comes to every detail of the trip. The choice is yours if you wish to go to snorkeling locations or stay in a specific spot.

Things Private Charters in Maui Have in Common 

There are a few distinctions that every private catamaran has. But you should note that all charters have something in common to keep the boat in good condition and should be taken care of as much as possible. Here are the common things that Sea Maui’s private charters have to offer:

  • Every catamaran has a captain and crew on board to best assist the guests regarding navigation and locations. The number of staff will then depend on the type of boat being used and the number of people inside the private catamaran charter.
  • There is an included 15% gratuity in the price of the boat. But the crew will appreciate a tip on board if you have a great time throughout the adventure.
  • There is a maximum limit to the capacity of people who can enter the private charter. For the Sea Maui II, 48 people are catered to join adults and children. And Sea Maui III can hold up to 49 people in total.

Ocean Activities to do with the Private Charters

Since you get to decide what and where you want to go or do with the private charter, you can try out some of the great outdoor activities in the ocean with your family and friends. You will surely enjoy doing these things as they are famous on Maui island. The ocean activities that you might want to try are:

  • Snorkeling¬†
  • Sunset sailing
  • Whale watching

Private Charters Inclusions

Aside from the exciting activities you can do, you can also enjoy the inclusions the private charter offers. These inclusions are part of the packages, so consume or use it as much as you want. Some of the included things when booking a catamaran at Sea Maui are as follows:

  • Exclusive catering
  • Open bar
  • Professional guides
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Four hours of parking validation

Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or just a simple family gathering in a private catamaran charter Maui makes the occasion extra special. So it is right that you book a boat from a trustworthy touring company like Sea Maui to give you an extravagant celebration while experiencing the island’s beauty. So if you’ve been thinking of having a charter for a celebration, call to book from us today!