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What To Do in Maui in May

a body of water with grass and trees

What’s on your bucket list this season? Are you wondering what to do in Maui in May? Well, the month of May offers a plethora of thrilling activities that you can explore with Sea Maui’s services. Create unforgettable summer adventures with your loved ones, ensuring that your stay in Maui will be filled with endless excitement and memorable moments.

a body of water with grass and trees

What To Do in Maui in May

Sea Maui is renowned for providing exceptional adventures that enhance your staycation experience. . What’s to know? This esteemed Maui company takes great pride in introducing their array of activities that will undoubtedly leave you exhilarated.. Here are a few adventures you should consider exploring before finalizing your booking: 

Maui’s Snorkeling Tours

Are you up for some underwater excursion to witness the breathtaking natural beauty beneath the surface? Maui’s snorkeling experience is where you’ll get the chance to immerse yourself  in the deeper waters of Maui. Swim amidst the captivating coral reefs and vibrant array of fish, allowing you to witness their beauty like never before

Whale Watching 

Another activity worth considering is whale watching, where you can witness these magnificent creatures showcase their impressive  stunts and tricks, making your stay truly memorable.  This experience is perfect for the whole family, especially your kids, who will surely get captivated by this awe-inspiring encounter.

Sunset Tours

Thought of going for a more aesthetic adventure? Sunset Tours in Maui is where you’ll get the opportunity to witness a breathtaking display of vibrant colors as the sun sets.  It’s also the perfect chance to capture picturesque moments for an “instagrammable” experience.  Not only do you sail the seas, but you’ll also have the chance to pop that champagne with your peers. 

Surfing Lessons 

You can’t miss rocking with the waves! It’s time to grab a surfboard and get your lessons started. Of course, Sea Maui won’t leave you cruising the big seas of Hawaii without teaching you all the necessary skills and safety measures you need to learn. On top of that, they offer a variety of lessons suitable for different age groups, so you’ll always have options to choose from.

The Maverick Helicopter

If you’re in for an aerial experience, Maui offers an unforgettable helicopter adventure. Take the majestic islands of Hawaii from a whole new perspective. Wrap up your Maui staycation by soaring over Maui’s mountains and vast seas with Maui’s Maverick helicopter. 

Off-Road Adventures

After soaring through the skies, let’s now descend with Sea Maui’s Off-Road Adventure. Experience the thrill of driving through Maui’s steep slopes, deep forests, and rivers with these exciting ATVs.


As you can see, Sea Maui brings out fun from water to land. With these exciting activities, you can bet that your Hawaii staycation will be truly memorable. So now that you know what to do in Maui in May, you can try each of these activities and create an unforgettable summer escapade.