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Escape the Ordinary with a Private Charter in Maui

a small boat in a large body of water

Hawaii has seven islands, each being an equally bustling tourist spot full of beaches and fantastic scenery that is more than worth taking many photos for. One of the most popular islands many would consider visiting is Maui.

It is a perfect option for many first-timing and occasional tourists looking for beautiful coastlines and getting up close to marine wildlife in their snorkeling adventures.

Celebrate all sorts of special occasions and plans with a private charter in Maui. We are your tour guide who lets you decide where you want to go first and what activities you wish to do on your whole trip.

a small boat in a large body of water

All our private charters have distinct features, such as:

  • A captain and a crew with a corresponding rate depending on boat size and individual accommodations.
  • The price for each trip includes a 15% gratuity to ensure that the crew is compensated for their excellent services, but they will always accept more onboard if they provide you with an amazing time.
  • Rules and guidelines are provided to adhere to the maximum capacity of the boats at all times.

Amazing Activities You can Enjoy on your Private Charter in Maui

Your private charter exceeds in providing you with the best touring experience during your stay in Maui. We provide a range of activities to enhance your visit even further. Here are some recommended activities you will enjoy on your private charter in Maui.

Sunset Charters

One of our highly recommended activities is sunset sailing. Enjoy the amazing sunsetting views during your sailing trips with Sea Maui with our sunset charter. We offer a range of sunset charter packages that fit your preferences, style, and budget—from premium cruising to live musical entertainment.

So don’t wait any longer! Witness the breathtaking views of neighboring islands, and spend an unforgettable time with your loved ones while enjoying unique benefits and accommodations.

Snorkeling Charters

Snorkeling is one of the occasional tourists’ favorite activities. Sea Maui offers amazing touring spots perfect for tourists and locals to book for snorkeling charters. You get to choose the tour that best suits your style to ensure you have the best experience on your vacation.

You can visit special and popular spots where you can experience popular diving and snorkeling activities and get a special close-up look at beautiful sea wildlife.

Whale Watching

At some limited times, you can inquire with your private charter in Maui to reserve an option to choose a special activity in watching whales. 

At a specific season, you’ll witness some epic views of whales leaping out of the water and making such a huge scenery. You may even spot some playful dolphins during your adventures at sea.

Exclusive Catering and Open Bar

Our private charter in Maui also provides additional catering services that offer a range of unique and tasty cuisines to enhance your touring experience, each set of meals with order sets.

Our bar services encompass a wide selection of distinctive wines and liquor and include a variety of domestic beverages. Additionally, we take pride in our ability to craft exceptional cocktails.

Start up your Adventures with Sea Maui Today

Contact us today and book our special private charter in Maui to enhance your visiting experience.